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Royal Heir Entertainment – Taking Your Music To The World

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Reaching the world with your music can be a challenging thing to do. Sure, social media can help you get noticed. But it won’t keep you in the limelight.

 Do you know who will keep you in the limelight?

 Royal Heir Entertainment is a globally renowned music marketing and promotions company based out of northeast Ohio. Created and led by music marketer, Brian “Essince” Collins, it is the place where budding musicians go when they want to become world-renowned stars.

 A legacy in stardom

Brian “Essince” Collins is the “every man”, who transformed from a schoolyard musician to a global artist through hard and smart work. Having performed throughout Asia before turning to music marketing (and working with international superstars), Essince has the expertise and skill to transform other artists’ careers.

Royal Heir Entertainment is Essince’s brainchild. The company is a reputed international music marketing company, which works very closely with leading PR agents, advertisers, lifestyle magazines, radio stations, and television networks to help their clients gain extensive coverage globally. Musicians interested in moving from the local stage to the national – and even international stage – will find that Royal Heir Entertainment can offer the bespoke support they need to do so.

Essince is also the owner of the minor league basketball team Akron Aviators.

 A marketing campaign crafted just for you

At Royal Heir Entertainment, the team of highly experienced international Music Marketing specialists understands how each genre and each musician requires a personalized promotional approach. Having collaborated with artists from various genres in his own career, Essince knows exactly what ticks – and what doesn’t – in the global music scene.

Royal Heir Entertainment takes your personality, music style, and intended audience personality into consideration. They use these as the foundation to create highly targeted and compelling marketing campaigns. Now, artists can reach out to millions of people across the world, sharing their powerful and soulful music with them every day.

 Not only does Royal Heir Entertainment help musicians establish a market for their music overseas, but Essince and his team work with artists to nurture this overseas market. They do so by setting the stage for positive brand experiences which they can share with your audience. Additionally, musicians get to work with talented graphic designers, who create memorable graphics, logos, and artwork, which musicians can use on their branded merchandise to sell.

Not just musicians, but athletes too

Essince’s Royal Heir Entertainment isn’t just for budding musicians. But the company also has a sports marketing sub-division called Royal Heir Sports. Here, Essince and his team work closely with athletes from different sports, helping them find & nurture brand endorsements, access advertising opportunities, create branded merchandise, and build a charismatic persona on social media.

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