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Rumour grew up in Brandywine, Maryland in Prince Georges County Maryland where he went to a Catholic school called St. Johns. He was born on 16th November 1993; Rumour was never aware that he would become a musician in his future years of life. Rumour remembers very brief moments when he watched a school of rock and fell in love; he started learning guitar, piano and even drums and eventually started singing along to his instruments. He recalls a previous incident from his early years of life, “I can remember going to a music store with my stepdad and purchasing my first studio where I would make rap songs with my friends for fun. But then I started taking music more seriously and writing songs. I would record my self-singing and would practice over and over and I am still to this day recording, writing and practising.”

Now, let us discuss some other traits that are dear to Rumour in detail ahead. Much to many people’s surprise for Rumour, video games, superhero movies and shows are really close to heart still in his adult life. Moreover, he is a goofy guy and he makes jokes about everything; but at the same time, he confesses that he can get pretty annoying sometimes. Other than these the most prioritised thing for Rumour is to take out his girlfriend for dates. Furthermore, Rumour loves food, music, the beach, drinking and socializing with friends.

For being a multi-faceted personality, one needs to live a balanced life. Rumour not only lives a balanced life but also encourages us to live one for ourselves. Rumour has always emphasized the importance of meditating and having great mental well-being. He has suffered the ordeals of depression and therefore he propagates the healthy habit of meditation and taking care of mental health. Apart from these, he believes in the powerful strength enlightened by mantras; Rumour advises the uses of mantras doubled up with a meditation on a daily basis. He says, “I believe you have the power to control the universe.”  Rumour is the kind of inspirational person who never gives up, once he sets his mind, he achieves all the goals he planned for without caring about what other people think. He is also worried about people who are constantly thinking about other people’s opinions; Rumour believes that most people struggle with this issue of overthinking and self-doubt.

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