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Samsung Expert RAW camera app coming to more phones

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It's come to light that Samsung will release its 'Expert RAW' camera app to even more flagship Samsung phones on February 25th.

This camera extension currently allows the S21 Ultra and S22 Ultra cameras to utilize professional features across all the lenses and sensors. However, after the February 25th update, it's expected to work with the Galaxy Z Flip 3, Z Fold 3, Note 20 Ultra at the very least.

The report says that Samsung will release a more official list of phones that the app will work with by the 25th. Android Central doesn't expect the app to come to the new Galaxy S22 or S22+.

The Expert RAW app is currently in beta, but it's supposed to hit the stable release on the 25th.

What is Expert RAW?

This is a separate camera app that sits alongside the Samsung camera app. It allows users with top-end mobile camera systems to control ISO, shutter speed, EV comp, manual focus, white balance and more.

The app also allows some cameras with compatible sensors to capture 16-bit RAW DNG images which should allow for very dynamic colours.

You can read more about the app by checking it out on Samsung's Galaxy Store, or you can read more about the company's flagship camera prowess here.

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