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Samsung flagships to lose another feature to iPhone

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Samsung iPhone RAM

In recent years Samsung has slowly been removed features from their Galaxy hardware, making them more in line with the competition. First, it was the headphone jack, the micro-SD slot, and they could be losing another very soon.

According to a new report, Apple's next-generation iPhone will feature 8GB of RAM. This is a technology that Samsung has in its current-gen flagship Galaxy S22 line. The Korean tech giant seems to be losing yet another exclusive feature to the competition in Apple.

The iPhone is already notably faster than the Samsung Galaxy line, a lead that will grow even larger with the boost in performance 8GB of RAM will bring.

Also, Apple already has the lead over Samsung on the memory front with phones that go up to 1TB in storage.

This doesn't mark the end of Samsung's share in the cellular market. However, it could spell an even tighter race amongst the giants in smartphones.

It will be interesting to see if Samsung ups their storage capacity or break new ground on the RAM front as a response to this new iPhone development.

Source: SamMobile

Image Source: Samsung