She Says “My baby is 100% REAL!’ New Jersey mom reveals a woman accused her of using a ‘F.A.K.E’ newborn to st.e.a.l. a 25 cent yogurt from a grocery store - Bliteoc

She Says “My baby is 100% REAL!’ New Jersey mom reveals a woman accused her of using a ‘F.A.K.E’ newborn to st.e.a.l. a 25 cent yogurt from a grocery store

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“My baby is 100% REAL!’ New Jersey mom reveals a woman accused her of using a ‘FAKE’ newborn to steal a 25 cent yogurt from a grocery store

A woman carrying her eight-week-old newborn in a sling was left perplexed when a fellow shopper accused her of using a ‘fake baby’ as a decoy for stealing yogurt.

I am the mum of two healthy, beautiful girls – Rosalia, three, and Eliana, who is two months old. Both of my successful pregnancies were a struggle (I also, unfortunately, had a loss before having Eliana).

Patricia Larkin explained how she had decided to take her girls – Rosalia, three and Eliana, two months old – to the shops, along with her husband.
Patricia was carrying Ellie in a sling, which she bought because it was rainbow coloured and Ellie is a rainbow baby (a child born following a loss).

Meanwhile, Rose was riding in the trolley while Patricia’s husband had stepped away momentarily.

Writing for Kidspot, the mum-of-two explained: “Rose wanted yogurt and as I turned the cart to go back to the fridge, a woman remarked to me something to the effect of, ‘Wow, I don’t know how you’re handling that!’”

Patricia continued her shopping, dismissing the comment and continued to the tills.

Once she arrived at the checkout, she noticed the same lady was ahead of them in the queue.

As the lady finished paying for her shopping, Patricia stepped forward.

“The cashier kept looking like she wanted to say something. ‘So,’ she said with a bemused look, ‘I don’t want to stir up any drama, but the woman ahead of you says your baby is fake and you were stealing yogurt.’”

Patricia and her husband laughed it off, along with the cashier, but once the mum was home, she took to her community Facebook page to voice her views on the matter.

Patricia, an elementary school teacher, took to Facebook to share the bizarre experience.
“Well, I don’t usually do “To the person who…” posts but this one has me cracking up, so here we go:

To the lady who told the cashier at Aldi that she thought I had a fake baby and was trying to smuggle yogurts out of the store- 1) My baby is 100% real. 2) Yogurts are like $.25 at Aldi. 3) I’m lactose intolerant and don’t consume any dairy at all.

Thank you for the laugh, though. I really needed it because I was up all night tending to my (again, 100% real) baby.

She continued: ‘I would have asked you except if you were really shoplifting I could have put myself or someone else in danger.

‘I decided to err on the side of caution and say something. I did tell the cashier that I really hoped it was a baby.

‘As anyone in retail can tell you, shoplifting involving babies or baby items is quite common.

‘I am quite glad your baby finally yawned on the check out line so I knew all was OK. May god bless you with your baby being that quite during your sleeping hours as well.’

People fired back telling Aileen she should have minded her own business and questioning what it was she thought was putting her ‘in danger’.

She added that her daughter, Eliana, was crying and moving around throughout the Aldi excursion; most definitely not dead weight.

On the Facebook post, people were both bemused and stunned.

‘My favorite part of this entire post is the crazy lady who decided to work for free as the Aldi police actually outed herself in this post and defended her actions. I think she needs friends,’ one person wrote.

‘That woman owes you an apology,’ said another.

Wow, funny but not funny, Some people really just need to mind their own business,’ a male commenter said.

One woman offered: ‘Now you have to nickname her Chobani. Will make a cute story to tell future boyfriends.’

And other users thought it was hilarious, with one commenting: “Omg seriously?! People have nothing else better to do lol. Your baby is absolutely beautiful!”

While another wrote: “Hysterical. And your baby is beautiful. So cute.”,,,