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Snapchat to allow users to share real-time locations with friends

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Snapchat is enabling a new feature, allowing users to share their real-time location with friends. The feature is used to monitor the location of friends when taking an Uber or out on a date, etc.

The introduction of the new feature was first reported by The Verge. From the sounds of it, the real-time location feature works very similar to Apple’s Find My app. Users can turn on the setting and share their real-time location with selected friends for 15 minutes. This feature can also be used for up to a few hours at a time.

The main focus of this feature sounds like it weighs on safety. You can imagine the benefits of securely sharing your real-time location with a friend or family member when on a date with someone new. Alternatively, it could be utilized to ensure that a friend successfully gets home from their Uber ride.

The Snapchat Snapchat real-time location feature is only available between mutual friends on the app. Users can pause sharing without sending the friend a notification.

Real-time location-sharing is off by default. In order to turn it on, a user must first select a friend and view their profile. The option to then select the duration of location sharing is found. The friend is then able to see the live location within the chat thread between you and them.

The addition of this feature is the latest major addition to the photo and messaging app. Although Snapchat does enable users to share the location of where the app was last used via the Snap Map, this is far more advanced.

It’s certainly a more useful tool to consider when looking at options outside of the iOS ecosystem. Privacy and safety appear to be in good standing when looking at the feature. Plus, there appears to be very little fuss involved.

Source: The Verge