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Want to see snow for the first time? what’s stopping you?

Pack your bags, lace up your kicks, and vibe along but wait wait wait don’t let your excitement lead you astray. Preparation is the key to enjoying your mountain trip, so do it well in advance. Before you mark your calendars, let me share with you, my experience.


In January, my family and I embarked on a journey to the northern sides. We checked the weather and dates first and foremost. Avoid going up there on weekends as it is heavily crowded. As much as you’d like to enjoy the snowfall, you don’t want to get trapped in it. You will have an easier time traveling in clear weather if you choose dates during which the snowy days fall between the sunny days.

Weather checked; dates are marked so what next?


Packing up your bag, right? if you are a junkie like me who never sits in the hotel room and wobble around. The main essentials that you need include

  • Parachute jackets so you won’t be soaked by water
  • Chains to wrap around your tires during slippery conditions
  • Mountain boats not your fancy branded sneakers they don’t work there. Generally, the best you can be purchased at their local markets.
  • A solid stick if you are planning of hiking somewhere.
  • The socks should be wrapped up so that if one gets wet, there is an alternative.


Now that we are ready, Let’s gear up the car now but first take it to the mechanic so it doesn’t break down in the middle of the mountains. Once and for all the journey begins with headphones in my ears, my favorite novel in my hand, and sitting in a window seat in anticipation of a long drive and a lot of captivating views. Toward the middle, we get tired and stop at a rest area. We enjoy a delicious meal and then resume our travels. In the midway, we get tired and stop at the rest area enjoy a delicious meal, and again head on the road. After hours of driving up the hill, we looked out on the beautiful twilight; mountains all around us. we stop at beautiful sightseeing and see the farthest peaks covered with snow and clouds. it was a heartwarming view to see the sun slowly going down between two mountains. It was like a painting in real life.


To get more pleased by the view, we take a pause at a coffee shop in the middle of the mountains. Laidback on the couch with a warm cup of coffee in my hand, thrilled by the panoramic beauty of nature, through the glass window with the slow music playing in the background. Formerly, the windows start becoming foggy, we wrote names on the foggy glass and all cheered and smiled on their faces. As we decided to move out of the coffee shop. I look up at the sky, a tiny snowflake making its way down. it was such a nostalgic feeling to see the actual real-life snow apart from what I saw in movies. I stayed there for a while under a barren sky, arm stretched wide, eyes closed with frozen running in my mind.


We get back in the car and it was drizzling out, I slightly move down the car window, drag my hand out and enjoy those peaceful moments. after some time, all those joyous moments change into worriedness. Windscreen started to cover with snow, the sliders moving at 2x speed but wasn’t worth it because the fog started and vision started to blur. roads were covered in heavy snow which make them more slippery. we can’t even stop our car in that snowstorm and weren’t even able to move further. stuck in between of nowhere, all mountains around us with heavenly snow pouring from the sky. I never see myself becoming so happy to see the snow but at the same time, my heart was racing as we were stuck there.


 As everyone was stuck in that harsh weather where police were trying their best to clear the roads. our front car was literally sliding Infront of us. death was just at a stone’s throw I joined both hands and prayed to God that just let me reach home safely, I will never come here again. if you move in a straight line, the chances of sliding are more but we move in a zig-zag motion to clear the snow and to have more grip.


SCAM SCAM here I am, moving along this hurdle we met two local men they stopped us and tell us that the weather up there is pretty scary, your car will not be able to reach there, so we do prefer you to put chains on your tyers, as we were going for the first time, we were not aware of the consequences, we put our lives on the stake. Let me tell you the real scam the chains which cost around per RS 5000, they were giving it for Rs 20,000 and only for rent and their words were that ‘we will sit on your car bonnet and when you will reach your destination, we will take our chains back’. We were 20 minutes away from the hotel. Thank God, our driver was much sure and confident that we wouldn’t need that and it was just merely a waste of money. they were taking exploited in the situation.


ultimately, after every hotel told us that there is no way you will find any good hotel further. After all the hurdles we face, we find the hotel of our choice; heated and clean rooms, and I just sleep in through the night .next morning, I woke up to see the sunrise, go for the run in the middle of the mountains covered in white snow, go for a hike sat at the end of the cliff for hours, scream at the top of my lungs that echoed through the whole valley, play snow fight, made snowman with freezing hands and I experienced the best two days of my life and after that, we head back on a sunny day without any hurdle.

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