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Steven Van Zandt says Bruce Springsteen is ‘playing a person’ as he thinks about aftermath

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Steven Van Zandt is thinking about his public aftermath with Bruce SpringSteen and the effect it had on both of their vocations.

Having played guitar for Springsteen's E Street Band since the mid 1980s, Van Zandt, presently 70, opened up in his diary, "Lonely Infatuations," about a battle he had with Springsteen, presently 72, during the band's recording of "Brought into the world in the USA." The episode eventually prompted Van Zandt leaving the band just before its enormous break.
"Leaving the E Street Band when I did, ended my life as I knew it," Van Zandt said in a meeting with The Associated Press."You can’t be reborn until you die. So that had to happen."

In his book, the "Born to Run" and "Darkness of the Edge of Town," and described the decision as "my very public career suicide."

"In the end, you come to the same conclusion, which is: I wish I could have done both. I wish I could have stayed in the band and done all of these things," he said. "But that’s not really realistic."

Van Zandt and Springsteen would ultimately put their fusses to the side yet this load of years after the fact, Van Zandt seems to in any case have a few assessments of the incredible performer.

He squeezed that between "Destined to Run" and "Haziness of the Edge of Town," Springsteen totally moved his look and persona which Van Zandt accepts was sham consistently.

"He completely, 180 degrees changed his identity. He’s fronting, he’s playing a character," said Van Zandt. "That was the most important moment of his life because he stayed in that persona forever."

The "Lilyhammer" entertainer conceded he even sent the Springsteen the composition of his book before it headed out to distribution and said Springsteen gave the all-reasonable and didn't propose he roll out any improvements.

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