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‘Still waiting’: Romano claims club have been trying to convince Chelsea player to join them since December

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Fabrizio Romano revealed the length of time Barcelona have been trying to pinch Cesar Azpilicueta off Chelsea.
Taking to Twitter, the transfer master typed out that the Spaniard’s two-month mission to sign the Spaniard.

Barca are desperate to raid the Blues

Barca clearly viewed Azpilicueta as an early Christmas present, one they cannot open until at least the summer.
The fallen La Liga giants have reportedly hurled the defender to the very top of their priority list.

They failed to secure his signature last month, but this isn’t to say the setting will be the same at the end of the season.

Landing free agents remains the club’s key focus in terms of restructuring Xavi’s curious squad.

Azpilicueta could fall neatly into this category if his contract situation is not resolved before June.

Chelsea’s captain is seemingly searching for an extra two years on his Stamford Bridge passport.

Typically, the Blues do not offer such an extension to players over 30.

John Terry and Gary Cahill had to wait until the very last minute for a similar request to be accepted.

The pros and cons

After lifting the Club World Cup trophy last Saturday, the final piece of the silverware puzzle, the chain of command might look more favourably upon Azpilicueta’s request.
However, if Barca wade in with the exact proposal he desires, the skipper’s head could easily be turned.

Whilst it would seem foolish to join Xavi’s side right now, there are obvious incentives for the move.

Heading back home is the natural place to start.

Having the comfort blanket of another two terms at the highest level must also come into play.

But seriously boiling it down, we can’t see many more good reasons for ‘Dave’ to leave just yet.

He could easily have his hands on two, maybe three more titles before the campaign concludes.

Barca will be lucky to even reach the Europa League quarter-finals, let alone win the whole thing.

Just let that sink in for a while, Azpi.