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Successful pianist Shahab Akbari spoke about the betterness of pop piano, or classical

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Pop or classical? Well, pop music is beautiful and soulful music that we all somehow listen to or at least remember. Some people who do not listen to pop at all are few. There are many people who are interested in pop but know that classical music has a special place in piano education.

If you are still not sure which classical music, I would like to draw your attention to the following definition from Wikipedia:

Classical music (English: classical music, French: musique classique) is a general term for European art music. The beginning of this music is known from the Middle Ages around the year 500 AD.

what happened ? European music of many years, which has different periods, but its style in general is not very common in popular culture now. Mozart Beethoven Chopin and Bach are excellent examples of this style that you must have heard.

As for pop music, according to Persian Wikipedia

Pop music (English: Pop music, which originally means popular music) is a style of popular music. And is usually contrasted with and distinct from classical and folk music. _ Each of these playing styles gives us special abilities. Now to determine your path, we consider two modes:

Case 1: You decide to become a classical pianist. In this case, you will definitely have authentic method books and excellent resources from the great composers of history, but you should keep in mind that you should also include the practice of pop pieces on your agenda. You should not forget because it also has its own properties such as:

‌ Ability to play different chords

Having melodies with different syncopes and rhythms, which is a new ability compared to classical music

Helps you improve your improvisation skills and lay the groundwork for your melody and composition.

But at the same time, this method, if used alone, may not have the function of classical style in teaching technical parts and playing the more difficult parts of the pieces of great composers, but for you as a classical musician, sometimes playing melodies that are familiar to you can be beautiful. Make you tired in the lamb!

The path of learning classical music The ups and downs of the path You may encounter pieces that belong to the Baroque era and you are not very interested in their style, but like medicine, because you know it is useful for playing and your finger technique, you can tolerate it in such moments. Your favorite movie song can be a good fuel to keep going!

At the same time, classical music, its technique, its beauty, its famous, epic and original pieces show themselves to the students who are patient and follow this path, so if you follow this path, you will not regret it, because in the end, when you are a classical work, every time If you like, you can also avoid pop music!

Case 2: You decide to become a pop musician, then again, if you want to be more successful in cartoons, follow more techniques alongside your pop style, it is still better to start with classical music while pursuing pop music and chords. You know its style and melodies because it puts you ahead of those who are just pop and not upgrading their technique to your level. It has been prepared that you have improved your technique at the same time. However, I advise you to be patient about learning classical pieces. Have a collection of them in your repertoire, but not all pianists have to become classical. You can choose your favorite style. Follow yourself and play modern songs with even.

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