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Swimmer killed in catastrophic sydney shark attack named as british diving instructor

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SHARK attack victim Simon Nellist was married to “the girl of his dreams” before he was killed.

The 35-year-old’s wedding was delayed by Covid but he was killed by a 15ft great white shark in an “extremely rare” attack as he practiced for an underwater swim charity.


Simon plans to marry his girlfriend Jenny HoCredit: Facebook


The remains of a 35-year-old man were found underwaterCredit: Facebook


Emergency services rush to scene in Sydney after catastrophic shark attack


Simon Nellist was practicing for a charity swim when he was pounced on by the beastCredit: Facebook


He was just 150 meters from the beach at Buchan Point, near Little Bay in Sydney, where the predator struck in its first deadly attack in nearly 60 years.

The remains of the British expatriate were found underwater on Wednesday afternoon following the horrific ordeal.

Tragedy struck when he married “the girl of his dreams” Jenny Ho, Seven News reported.

Simon, who is said to be an experienced ocean diver and swimmer, is said to have family in the UK.

Witness said they heard the victim crying out for help when the shark pounced shortly after 4:30 p.m. Wednesday.

What we know so far….

Witnesses said they heard Simon calling for help.
An expert said the 35-year-old was probably mistaken for a seal.
Experienced swimmer practicing for a charity swim in the ocean.
Simon has lived in Australia for many years and plans to marry his girlfriend.

The great white is said to have “attacked vertically” before hauling the man’s body out of the ocean.

Expert Lawrence Chlebeck thinks the ferocious shark may have mistook the swimmer – believed to be wearing a wetsuit – with a seal when it jumped out and attacked the Brit.

According to local MP Michael Daley, the 35-year-old man regularly swims in the bay where the brawl broke out.

One of the swimmer’s heartbreaking friends, Della Ross, told Seven News: “Everything that has to do with Simon is connected to the ocean.

“The news hit us like a truck because he is one of the people who make the earth lighter.

“He loves water, he loves diving.”

The attack came just three months after another Briton Paul Millachip was attacked and killed off the coast of Western Australia.

The 57-year-old was dragged underwater by a large 14ft white fish when he was killed right in front of his horrified family.

Simon is an ocean lover who has spoken out against shark nets and drum ropes, which he indiscriminately says are “all kinds of sea life every year”.

Fisherman Kris Linto told Nine News: ‘Some guy was swimming when a shark came up and attacked him vertically.

“We heard a scream and turned around and it looked like a car had gone into the water, a big chunk then the shark was squeezing its body and there was blood everywhere.

“It’s really bad.”

A man describes how he was fishing and saw a man in a wetsuit swimming across the bay.

He said the swimmer was right in front of him when he was dragged underwater by the shark.

The man told ABC: “He was screaming at first, then when he went down there was a lot of water splashing.

BRIT is killed
“The shark won’t stop.”

The trembling man said the attack lasted for several seconds.

He said: “It was terrible. I was shaking. I kept vomiting. It was very, very uncomfortable.

“He just went swimming and enjoyed the day, but that shark took his life.”

Rescue teams on jet skis and boats frantically hunted down the swimmer before a human body was found underwater and, reportedly, parts of a wetsuit were also found.

Shocked witnesses said the swimmer was attacked by a large 15ft whitefish.

Lawrence Chlebeck, of the United States-based International Humanitarian Organization, said the violent attack was extremely rare.

A heartbreaking video of the attack shows the shark thrashing around in the bloody waterCredit: Twitter


Simon lived in Sydney for a number of yearsCredit: Facebook


British expats named victims of shark attacksCredit: Facebook


The horror unfolded before the eyes of dozens of fishermen and seafarersCredit: Twitter
He said: “It is very unusual to see such a shark attack a human.

“The vast majority of shark bites are a ‘once and done’ one-off. This is a very unique and unfortunately tragic situation.”

Simon is described as a calm and patient instructor who tells students to respect the ocean.

He helped in rescue situations while diving with the Scubathlon diving school, run by Della Ross.

At the time he was attacked, he was training for the Malabar Magic Ocean Swim – which was scheduled to be held on Sunday but was cancelled.

Events director Robert Lloyd said: “The organizers would like to send their thoughts and prayers to the family of the swimmer who was tragically killed yesterday.

“Out of respect for the swimmer and his family, and after extensive consultation with Randwick Council and the experienced senior staff of Rescue Life surfing, we believe it is appropriate to cancel the 2022 swim.”


A stretch of beach is now closed as the first fatal shark attack in the Sydney area since 1963 spooked locals.

An astonishing video of the violent ambush shows the shark thrashing in bloody water just meters away from the rocks.

And a fisherman can be heard shouting: “Someone just got eaten by a shark. Oh my! Oh no! That’s crazy. It’s a great white shark.

“I just saw a big white explosion four to five meters long on the surface right here on a swimmer and it was like a car going into the water.

“Dude, I heard a scream and the shark was just wrapping around his body and the body was half over here just outside the rock.

“It turned around and swallowed parts of his body and that’s it.”

Local resident James, 27, reached the beach just before 5:30 p.m. as the helicopter circled the cliffs, but people were still swimming.

He told Guardian Australia: “Everybody was looking around, trying to figure out what was going on.

“There are still people in the water. I’ll never get in again – no way.”

Police and ambulance services said the shark had caused “catastrophic injuries”.

Police said: “Officers from the East Coast Police Area Command, with support from the Coast Guard and NSW Surf Rescue, attended and located people in the water. .”

A NSW Ambulance spokesman said: “Unfortunately, this patient has suffered serious injuries and there is nothing medical can do.”

The tragic death was Sydney’s first fatal shark attack since 1963 when Marcia Hathaway, a famous local actress, was mauled to death by a shark in Middle Harbour.

The shark pounced as she stood in the murky waters just 20 feet from shore in the north wing of Sugarloaf Bay, Sydney Morning Herald report.

Randwick Mayor Dylan Parker said the community was shocked.

He said: “The beach is our community’s backyard. Little Bay is normally a beautiful, peaceful place to be enjoyed by families.

“It’s chilling to lose someone to a shark like this. We were all shocked.”

The MP for the Maroubra state constituency, Michael Daley, arrived at the scene on Wednesday night.

“The community is just shocked by this horrible incident,” he said.

“Our thoughts are with the concerned family. This is a beautiful community. The coast is our life all around.”

Beaches from Clovelly to Botany Bay have been closed and will close on Thursday.

Police will continue the search with divers at sunrise on Thursday.


A navy helicopter hovers over the site of a fatal shark attack over Little Bay in SydneyCredit: AFP


Tragic death is Sydney’s first fatal shark attack since 1963

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