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Telus now offers its ‘Internet for Good’ program to seniors in Alberta and B.C.

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Telus is expanding its 'Internet for Good' program to seniors in Alberta and B.C.

The program, first launched in 2016, provides low-income families and people with disabilities access to the internet at a reduced rate.

The seniors program gives those receiving the Guaranteed Income Supplement two options for unlimited data: Internet 25 with speeds up to 25Mbps for $10 a month or Internet 50 with speeds up to 50Mbps for $20 a month.

The program focuses on helping seniors access resources, staying connected with loved ones, and other aspects that can assist with their mental health, which has become increasingly difficult throughout the pandemic. Data from Statistics Canada shows 33 percent of seniors reported a decline in their mental health since the pandemic began.

Those eligible can apply for the program on A copy of their Old Age Security must be provided to confirm eligibility. Qualifying customers already with Telus can also partake in the program.

The program is only available in Alberta and B.C. at this time. MobileSyrup has asked Telus if it plans to expand the program to more provinces.

“Our country’s seniors have contributed significantly to the fabric of this nation, having built and supported the infrastructure, economy and social services that we enjoy today," president and CEO, Darren Entwistle, said in a statement.

Customers partaking in this program can also access to the LivingWell Companion Home for $5 a month. This service offers 24/7 support to seniors at the push of a button.

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