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‘That Work Paid Off’: ‘The Blind Side’ Star Quinton Aaron Loses Close to 100 Pounds

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Actor Quinton Aaron, from the 2009 film ‘The Blind Side,’ prioritized his health and wellness to shed the pandemic weight he gained. In doing so, the 37-year-old revealed to TMZ he lost three pounds shy of the 100-lb marker. He dropped from 559 to 462.

Aaron told the outlet he noticed changes in his eating habits during the pandemic, including his excessive want for chocolate. In the mornings, he’d eat candy: jumbo-sized KitKat packs and Reese’s bars. He also blamed the weight gain on eating large sandwiches for lunch and more chocolate for dessert.

“I used the new year as a way to get a new me,” he told TMZ. “And that work paid off.”

The 6’8″ actor embarked on his healthy lifestyle with walking, stretching exercises and swapping candy and bread for vegetables.

The actor widely known for portraying NFL star Michael Oher in “The Blind Side” now sticks to a ketogenic diet and eats Cobb salads for lunch.

If somebody don't call Sandra Bullock and tell Michael Oher to protect his quarterbacks blindside! pic.twitter.com/0J7JWNcROf

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He’s hoping to drop an additional 64 pounds by May 10, to honor his late mother’s birthday. His goal is to reach between 300-325 pounds, and achieve professional goals as a singer and CEO of a music production company.

Since his breakout role in “The Blind Side,” Aaron has appeared in films like “Be Kind Rewind,” “The Ministers,” “1982,” and “The Appearing,” and series like “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” and “One Tree Hill.” He founded The Aaron Quinton Foundation in 2012, to eliminate anti-bullying and fight childhood obesity.

“There’s a lot of kids that get picked on because of their outer appearance and not everyone has had the luxury of growing up knowing the right foods to eat or knowing what a healthier lifestyle is,” he told ABC News in 2014.

Aaron’s plan to lose weight was initiated after being booted from a flight for needing an extra seat. Aaron, who weighed 550 pounds at the time, said it was “embarrassing” and that he had to be re-booked on the next flight.

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