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The ‘Boy Meets’ World Episodes That Were Banned From The Disney Channel

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90s television left a huge stamp on the entertainment industry, and it seems like every genre reached new heights during the decade. Sitcoms were boosted with shows like Friends, animated television peaked with Batman: The Animated Series, and younger audiences were treated to Boy Meets World, which is one of the best shows of its era.

Cory Matthews was the man taking us through his life in Philadelphia, and millions of people came along for the ride. The show balanced a lot, including some heavier themes that made several episodes too risqué to be aired on Disney Channel.

So, which episodes got banned? Let’s take a closer look and see.

‘Boy Meets World’ Is A Classic Series

Back in 1993, Boy Meets World made its debut on the small screen, and the perfectly-cast series made an immediate impression and ultimately developed into one of the most popular and impactful shows of the 1990s.

Ben Savage, the younger brother of The Wonder Years’ Fred Savage, was the perfect choice to play Cory Matthews on the show, and the casting decisions only got better from that point on. Each person played their role to perfection on the series, and during its 158-episode run on television, the series took fans on an adventure through the lives of Cory and his family.

The success of Boy Meets World helped its stars become household names, and a number of famous faces made their way onto the show for guest spots. Plenty of future stars were also able to land work on the show, and going back to see who appeared on Boy Meets World has become a bit of fun for fans.

As great as the casting was, it was the stories that keep people coming back for more, even when they were more serious in nature.

The Show Sometimes Touched On Heavier Topics

Boy Meets World did a lot of things well during its biggest years on television, and its ability to touch on deeper topics is one that helped the show catch on with audiences of all ages. The show largely focused on being funny, but when it needed to, it could get serious in a heartbeat.

If you’ve seen enough episodes of the show, then you can certainly recall some of the show’s heavier moments. Many of the episodes that featured Shawn’s family go down a heavier road, as Shawn comes from a dysfunctional family that sharply contrasts Cory’s seemingly normal family. The adult-child dynamic is also explored in a number of ways, as well.

A few other major topics that largely get covered are friendships and relationships, the latter of which really takes precedent as the show goes on. Cory and Topanga are the focal point of the show, and the writers did a great job of making sure that things weren’t always so perfect between the pair.

For the most part, Boy Meets World never crossed any lines, but some episodes were a little too heavy to ever appear on Disney Channel again.

Some Episodes Were Banned From Disney Channel

As hard as it may be to believe, that were several episodes of Boy Meets World that were deemed too inappropriate to re-air on Disney Channel years back. These episodes certainly touched on serious matters, and the heads over at Disney clearly believed that these would be better airing elsewhere.

The episode “Prom-ises Prom-ises” is all about Cory and Topanga looking to take the next step in their relationship after prom by ditching their V-cards. It’s a bit heavy-handed all throughout, and while this episode does feature Cory’s parents finding out that they’re pregnant again, the virginity storyline was one that Disney wanted to keep off of the Disney Channel.

“If You Can’t Be With The One You Love” was an episode from season 5 that deals with both Cory and Shawn drinking and getting into some trouble. This episode takes place at a point in time when Cory and Topanga are separated, and Cory is struggling mightily to deal with it. He and Shawn wind up getting into a sticky situation with alcohol, and it’s safe to say that this was not a lighter episode of the show.

Finally, “The Truth About Honesty” is another episode that takes a look at the bedroom lives of lead characters, and it largely centers around Cory and Topanga agreeing to be brutally honest with one another.

Compared to a lot of what is on the small screen now, these episodes are pretty tame, but Disney still kept these episodes off of their network.

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