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The Choice is Yours How Your Character Shapes Your Life’s Outcomes


Behavior ( Character )
The Biggest Success You Ever Had Comes From Your Character. Why Is That?
What I Mean Is Clear To Anyone Who Notice, There Are Many Things In Life That Has To Be Clarify, My Conscience Is Clear And My Behavior Is My Choice, When A Person Is Wicked, He Choose To Be, And Been Good Is Also A Choice, And Everyone Character Tells Who Such Person Is.
Now Let Talk A Little About What We Are Discussing, Character – Behavior.
I Love Been Myself, My Greatest Opportunity Is Realizing I Have Set My Mind Set In A Right Direction. I Have Plans Of Which Will Benefit My Life But My To Begin Is Difficult Because Money Is Always Involved. Why Am I Saying This?
One’s Character Brings About A Good Decision, Helpful Plan, Love, Companionship, Kindness, Honesty And Many More, Having A Good Character Or Behavior Can Connect A Person To Many Different Kind Of People, People Who Are Destiny To Help Be Become Great In Life.
Bad Character Is An Habit Of Which People Deject, Only Those Who You Hang Out With Or Who Are Of The Same Character Like You Would Accept And Like You That Way But The Fact Is Such People Would Not Be Able To Help You Progress, They Only Like Having Fun With You Around And Different Issues But When It Comes To Trying To Resolve Issues That Will Make You Progress, Such People Would Not Be Able Help.
Again There Are People Who Are Ready To Assist And Direct You If It Comes About Planning For A Better Life, Such People Are Sure To Help Either Financially Of Direction.

How Are People Suppose To See You?
Meanwhile, In Life There Is Always A Mistake One Can Make Of Which Will Never Be Forgotten. On This Aspect I Decide To Say A Little Experience I Had In Life, This Story Will A Bit Makes You Understand My Point Here.
The Truth About Me Is I Am Good Looking, I Am Nice, Loving But I Lack Some Humanity In Me, Don’t Get It Wrong What I Mean Is.
In My Stage Of Life, I Has A Girl Which Can Do Anything In Making Sure She Be With Me, But The Story Is Sad Due To Differ Background Level, I Wouldn’t Mention This, In Our Relationship She Sacrifice Alot And Never Wanted To Quit No Matter The Outcome, She Was Pressurize To Stay Away But My Character Towards Her Make Her See Me As One Of A Kind, I Believe That Everyone Has His/her Character And It Depend The Way You Choose To Show Yourself To Others, The Family See’s Me As A Low Class Who Will Bring Nothing But Harm And Disgrace, Unfortunately The Entire Story Lead Me To A Regret Ending Because My Love And Character Towards Her Blind Me From Seeing The Truth And I Choose A Differ Path.
This Story Taught Me Alot In Life That I Now Realize I Learn Much From My Past Life.

Your Character Is You Carter Path, Never Waste What You Have.

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