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The Game Factor What Makes an Activity a Game?


What Is Game?
Game Is The Process Of Engaging In A Oppose Or Propose Activity.

Its Aslo A Play Or Action That Consist Of Loosing Or Winning.
Game Connect With The Mind Set Of The Player, Why Do I Say This?
Human Being Existing In This Earth Is More Like A Game Created For Humans Entertainment.
Life Is All About Been Born, Grow Up And Experience So Many Different Achievement.
Life Is A Body Of Study Of Which Depends On The Kind Of Method Of Game A Person Play ( The Kind Of Life A Person Lives).

In A Game Two Things Are Highly Observed, Is Either You Loose Or Win, So Now What Is The Difference Between The Normal Game We Usually Play On Our Phones With The Kind Of Life We Live?

Apart From Coming To Earth Either Born From A Rich Family Or From A Poor Family, Its Fortunate That We Are All Born By Desame Procedure And Desame Structure, We Live Grow Up And At The End Die.

Now Playing A Good Game With The Interest Of Winning Require Sacrifice And Hard Obstacles.
Some People Start Playing The Game Wrongly And Loose From The First Stage.
Same As When A Child Is Born And Suddenly Die A Tender Age, Could Be Because Of The Kind Of Lifestyle He Choose To Live Or Adopt.
Game Requires The Following
1 Composure
2 Concentration
3 Control
4 Understanding
5 Follow The Principles Many Many More.

My Point On This Topic Is This,
Let Play The Game Of This Life In A Way At The End We Will Prosper, Many Play It Wrong And Failure Became There Achievement, Others Play Right And The Ending Was Progress.

I Learn A Lesson In My Life Through The Kind Of Habits I Live My Life, Every Body Has A Different Stories, So I Learned My Lesson And Chance My Plan In Playing The Game In My Life, What Work Yesterday Wouldn’t Work Today, If We Don’t Change We Will Be Stock In Were We Are Not Suppose To Be, Make Sure The Game Is Not Dragging You Down, Strengthen Yourself And Rise Up Again With A Different Game Plan.

Don’t Focus On Your Previous Failure But Let Your Past Failure Becomes The Lesson Of How To Plan Of Your Next Game.
Life Is All About To Move On But Not To Be Hucked Up With Your Past Regrets.

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