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The Harmful Impulse Exploring the Actions that Hurt Others

The Action In Doing What Will Hurt Another’s, The Spirit In Everyone That Persuade The Mind To Doing Evil.
The Point In Discussing What Evil Means, Appropriately Everyone Knows Doing Bad Is Evil And At The Same Time, Humans Thought Always Have Two Sentence, Negative And Positive.
The Fact That We All Are Having A Bad Part In Life Is An Understanding Of Knowing Between Evil And Good.
Almost Everything That Happens Each Day In Everyone’s Life Is A Misery Involving Evil Or Good.
Everyone Will Believe With Me When I Say Something About Having Different Kind Of People With Different Right And Wrong Stories About Them. At Times There Will Be A Situation Involving Money No Matter How Figuring How To Get Helps From Either Friends Or People Around You To Help, There Are Others Who Understand And Assist In The Way Or What He Can Offer To Help, Some Have But Couldn’t Feel To Help, While Others Have But Wouldn’t Be Able To Help At The Moment.
There Are Many Examples I Could Give Trying To Summarize My Point Here, And This Writeup Is Just A Brief Description To Understand That Evil ( Wickedness ) Is When Someone Have Any Way To Help People Who Need Such Help And Doesn’t Care For The Person In Need Of Such Help, It Is Pure Evil Could Be That Person Is Very Needful Of The Money May Be Involving Life And Death.
Sad Is It Many People Are Definitely Evil Without Conscience In Mind.
I Wish I Am Rich Much Enough To Set An Free Authentic Assessment Which Help Benefit Everyone For Everyone To Be Contempt.
There Are Many Evil Going On Around The World Which People Should Avoid As It Is Clearly Evil.
I Wish Everyone Can Think Equally, Evil Wouldn’t Be Able To Prevail Among Us.
Life Is Complicated To Live A Wicked And Evil Live, Realizing After Death You Will Bury Like Everyone Else And Judgment Will Befall Every Existence,
I Always Overcome A Part Of Me Which Always Intense Me Doing What I Know Is Evil, And It Is Clear That Every Individual Has The Same Motive In Life, But The Humanity In Such Act Is Been Sincere And Understandable With Things Of This Life That Is Evil And Despise Such Habit Of Doing Evil To A Fellow Human Being As You Are.
Evil Always Has A Death End.

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