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The Idea Of Motivation Is The Knowledge Of Keep Trying

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The Idea Of Motivation Is The Knowledge Of Keep Trying


In Life There Are Obstacles That Make Anyone Stop Believing There Are Better Days Ahead, This Obstacles Stop A Person To Rise And Fight For The Future But Been Motivated Is The Power That Lead To Better Tomorrow,

Motivation Can Come In Different Ways,

A Person Can Be Motivated By Words Or Action.

Motivation By Word Is An Encouragement By Someone Encouraging Another Person Who Is Thinking Of Giving Up To Rise, Believe, Have Faith And Keep Fighting For The Future, Is Also More Like Advising A Disappointed Person Not To Accept Defeat.

Motivation Is The Key To Winning And It Is The Power That Led To Progress.

Motivation By Action Is The Act Of Been Encourage To Keep Trying By The Following Either Seeing Someone Fall And Rise Again Greatly, Or Been Motivated To See Someone Trying Hard To Succeed.

People  May Be Motivated In Different Ways But The Main Point Is Trying Hard After Been Motivated, The Words Of Motivation Is Strong To Touch The Mind Of People, Only If A Person Does Not Have Conscience Or Feelings, 

Its Good To Motivate Anyone Who Is Trying To Give Up On Making His Tomorrow Or Future Better, Advice Or Encouragement Is Very Helpful To Such People, Some People Have No Idea Of How To Create A Good Better Future Instead The Are Deceived By Bad Friends Or People Around Them To Engage In Stealing, Killing, Ritual Or Any Bad Conduct That Can Make Them Rich, This Is The Reason Why Such People Who Loses Faith To Be Leaded By Believing That The Can Achieve Better Things In A Responsible Way.

Again It Will Be Good For Every Individual To Motivate Himself Or Herself That " I Can Do It" .

I Believe That I Can Do It, You Should Also Believe That You Can Do It, And Every Thing Will Be Okay, We Can Make It Okay.

The Pattern That Make Us Strong The More Is Motivation, Some People Find It Difficult To Pay Attention To Other People Advice Because The Don't Know How Useful Does Words Could Help Them In Life , Some People Fail It In Life Without Hope Of Achieving  Great Ambition Due To Lack Of Hearing Advice Or Making Use Of The Advice.

Education Is Also An Example Of Motivation, You Go To School, Spend A Lot Of Money To Acquire Knowledge Hoping To Get A Job After Been Graduated, On This, You Spend The Money Because You Believe It Will Lead You To Success, A Person Is Motivated To Go To School That Is The Reason Why Almost Everyone Want To Go To School Because Everyone Is Praying For Progress To Achieving Success.

This Speech Is To Motivate Anyone Trying To Give Up To Stay Strong And Keep Fighting For His Or Her Future, It Will Lead You To Success.

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