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The Leader’s Journey Navigating the Path to Success


Before We Lookout What Leadership Is Let First Understand What A Leader Is.

Leader : A Leader Is Described As A Person Who Is Given Authority To Take Control Of A Group Of People Or Community.
Again A Leader Direct And Create Rules And Principle Of Which His Follower Will Abide On.

Now What Is Leadership.
Leadership Is The Process Of Guiding, Directing, Controlling, Organizing And Conducting A Group Of People Who Regards Him As A Leader.

Been A Leader Could Either Be Elected For A Fixed Term Of Leading Or Selected And Again Could Be Heritage.

A Leader Elected Is Known As A Representative To The Followers, He Or She Is Elected For A Fixed Term And Also Become A Representative In Any Aspect Relating To His Followers.
A Leader Selected Or From Heritage Is Known As A Leader Who Take Over Leadership From Either His Father Or From Member Of His Family.
Further More Leadership Could Be Part Of The Following
1 Monarchy
2 Republican Government
3 Federal Government
4 Confederal Government
5 Military Rule
Now Let Analys This Following Select Roles Of Leadership Accordingly.

Monarchy Is Known As A Type Of Governance By One Individual And This Individuals Could Be King, Queen Or Emir.

Republican Method Of Governance Is A Type Of Government Elected By The Citizens As A Representative.

Federal Government Is The Process In Which The Federal Structure Provide The Grounds For Inter Governmental Relationship Between A Central Government And Other Federating Unit Such As States, Regions, Province And Local Government.

Confederal Government Is The Process Of Coming Together Of Two Or More States With Loose Political Awareness To Form A Union.

Military Rule: Is The Type Of Government By A Member Of The Arm Force Base On Martial Law.
With This Different Point Of View We Will Be Able To Understand The Features Of Leadership.
In Some Perspective Their Are Difference Qualities In Which A Good Leader Is Entitled To Have Which Are:
# Obedience
# Loyalty
# Respect
# And He Should Be Able To Give A Useful Advice.
If A Leader Is Not Able To Have This Brief Description Of Character He Is Not Qualify To Be A Leader, But Its Obvious That Leadership Of Now Adays Don’t Follow The Principles Of Been A Leader And Their Are Consequences Of Bad Leadership Which Include :
1 Civil Unrest
2 Corruption
3 Stealing
4 Killing
5 Crisis
6 Distribution And Many More
Understanding Each Other And Be Able To Help Someone In Need Of Which You Are Not Just Entitled To Help But Seeing That He Or She Is Much Burden And Seriously Need Help Will Bring The Prosperous Unity Between One Another, Love Will Also Be Shared, Companionship, Kindness To Each Other.
This Quotes Should Be Able To Convince Us And Make Us Understand How The World Will Be Great When Good Leadership And Followership Lead To Better Achievement.

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