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The Man Who Befriended Random Gran After Text Error Continues Annual Tradition

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When most of us get an accidental text we reply explaining that the sender got the wrong number and leave it at that.

Jamal Hinton went one step further when Wanda Dench mistakenly invited him round for Thanksgiving dinner back in 2016.

Jamal told her that she had the wrong person but he would ‘get a plate’ anyway. This year will mark the sixth Thanksgiving meal they’ll spend together.

Somebody grandma is coming in clutch this year!! Ayee!!!

— Jamal Hinton (@Jamalhinton12) November 15, 2016

In their original interaction, Wanda messaged Jamal with the time he should get to her home on 24 November 2016.

He responded asking who she was and the pair adorably shared pictures of themselves with Jamal writing: “You not my grandma,” before adding: “Can I still get a plate tho?”

Wanda then responded: “Of course you can. That’s what grandma’s do…feed every one.”

We are all set for year 6! 🦃

— Jamal Hinton (@Jamalhinton12) November 14, 2021

Since that message Wanda welcomed Jamal to have a meal alongside her family every year but 2020 was much different as Wanda’s husband, Lonnie, passed away from Covid-19.

Not forgetting him, Lonnie was honoured at the table with a photograph and a candle while Wanda ended up saying grace – a job that would usually be Lonnie’s.

Posting to let people know what there tradition is still going, Jamal wrote on Twitter yesterday (14 November): “We are all set for year 6!”

Alongside the tweet, he added a picture of his and Wanda’s conversation with the grandma writing: “It would be great if you, Mikaela and your family would come to my house on Thanksgiving day to share good food and great conversation. Your friend always, Wanda.”

Jamal replied saying: “Yes we would love to,” and asked: “What time are you thinking?”

Commenting on Jamal’s post, one person wrote: “Didn’t know they were still going. That makes me happy. This is one of my favourite good things.”

Another added: “This tradition brings me so much joy every year. And I love how she’s Grandma Wanda in your phone. I just wish her husband was still here, but he will be in spirit.”

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