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The Rings of Power Already Gave Fans a Glimpse of Its ‘Most Enticing Enigma’

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The Lord of the Rings is no stranger to unresolved mysteries. Tom Bombadil’s ambiguous identity, the unnamed fate of the Blue Wizards and the hiding place of the Entwives all stand out as the biggest mysteries in the franchise. However, the bottom line is that JRR Tolkien never gave definitive answers to any of these questions, so fans have been left to speculate and theorize. As annoying as that can be, it certainly keeps a fanbase involved, and it seems like Amazon’s The Rings of Power will follow in The Lord of the Rings’ mystery-making footsteps.

The entire The Rings of Power production was one massive question mark for the longest time, but Amazon has started to unveil new details with a flurry of releases. First came the hand posters, designed to invite speculation. Then, Vanity Fair published an official first look at the series. Most recently, Amazon released The Rings of Power’s first teaser trailer, which gave fans a glimpse of the series’ biggest mystery.

Although fans know that Hobbits won’t be in The Rings of Power per se, it will portray the Hobbit-adjacent characters called Harfoots. As the Hobbits’ ancestors, the Harfoots will thrive on secrecy and evading detection so that they can participate on the fringes of the series’ larger storylines. Vanity Fair’s article explained how two overly curious Harfoots — one of which is Markella Kavenagh’s Elanor “Nori” Brandyfoot, and the other is played by Megan Richards — will break from their society by meeting and associating with “a mysterious lost man.”

The Super Bowl teaser gave fans their first look at Nori, as she wondered what else the world could offer. The teaser also seemingly gave fans a peek at the “lost man.” Midway through the trailer, there’s a meteor-like ball of fire racing through the sky, and at the end, fans see a close-up of where it landed. Amid the swirling fires, a character who appears to be Nori comes across a man engulfed in swirling flames.

From the looks of things, the man in the fire is the “mysterious lost man” because there’s only so many other characters that Nori the Harfoot will interact with. Maybe he rode the fireball to Middle-earth, maybe he’s one of the Valar or one of the missing Blue Wizards, or maybe he’s a disguised version of Sauron’s Annatar character. Honestly, though, at this point, there’s no telling who or what he is. A press release from Amazon indicated that the character will be played by Daniel Weyman and called “The Stranger,” but there’s little material for speculation there.

The Stranger’s identity is supposed to be a secret. The Vanity Fair article says that the lost man’s “origin promises to be one of the show’s most enticing enigmas.” So, as much as fans might want (or dread) to know The Stranger’s identity, they’ll have to wait as Amazon plans to stoke the fires of speculation for a while yet.

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