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‘The Sopranos’: One Star Thought He Wouldn’t Land a Role on the Show

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The hit HBO drama, The Sopranos, has certainly made an impact on pop culture. The award-winning series brought in record numbers of viewers during its six seasons on television, all the way up to the finale. The Sopranos’ series finale episode pulled in an impressive 11.9 million viewers for the evening.

Anyone who has spent some time getting to know James Gandolfini’s Tony Soprano, his family, and his fellow “made” guys certainly gets the draw to the hit series. The popular drama was full of characters we love-to-hate and hated-to-love. Many of the characters in the series have made an incredible impact on both television history as well as an impact on our own emotions, with some intense and unnerving storylines we will likely never forget.

Among these unforgettable Sopranos characters is Michael Imperioli’s Christopher Moltisanti. Sopranos fans know exactly how core this character is to the ground-breaking series. Playing Tony Soprano’s drug-addicted nephew, Imperioli gave us some of the show’s most iconic moments on the show. Many of these involved Christopher’s antics and personal issues. The character was also in a long-term relationship with Adriana La Cerva (Drea de Matteo). A relationship that ended in what could arguably be called one of the show’s most heartwrenching moments. However, based on Imperioli’s initial take on his audition, he may never have landed the memorable role.

‘The Sopranos’ Would Be A Very Different Series Without Imperioli’s Christopher

Of course, we all know that Imperioli got the part in the innovative series. And, he made the role of Christopher Molstisanti one of the core characters among the impressive Sopranos cast.

“Anything I could remotely be right for, I would get an audition for,” Michael Imperioli tells Vanity Fair of his Sopranos audition. Imperioli continues on, describing the moment he was introduced to the Sopranos creator David Chase while auditioning for the role.

“I thought he hated my audition because David’s a poker-faced guy,” the actor recalls.

“He kept giving me notes and giving me direction,” Imperioli adds. “And I walked out of there and I was like, ‘I blew that one.’”

Thankfully, Imperioli’s initial take from his audition was wrong. It’s hard to imagine anyone else portraying the dynamic nephew of Tony Soprano. He may have been full of many, many flaws. Flaws certainly brought on some hard-core moments in the hit HBO drama series. However, Imperioli’s take on the character gave Christopher some depth. He was funny and sometimes relatable, even in his very questionable actions. Because of this anti-hero dynamic that Imperioli gave the Sopranos character, viewers couldn’t help but love him.

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