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The TWO YEARS OF PAIN – Mom desperately seeks to find her daughter

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It has been two years of pain and heartache for mother Marrisa Reid since her youngest child, 17-year-old Theresa Smith, went missing on March 23, 2020.
Reid has been travelling the length and breadth of the island searching for her daughter and said that she will not rest until she finds her.

“A di one girl me have, she a di last one, and mi nah stop look fi har because mi affi believe she alright. Mi affi believe she out deh, because mi nuh know wah mi would a duh if mi hear seh she dead,” said Reid.

Theresa, who is a student at Donald Quarrie High School, was last seen leaving her home in Bayshore Park, just outside of Harbour View in St Andrew.

Reid told THE STAR that she has not eaten or slept properly since Theresa’s disappearance. She still remembers the last words the then 15-year-old spoke to her before leaving home.

“The last thing she seh to mi was ‘Mommy, mi love yuh’. That a weh she tell mi. ‘Mommy, mi love yuh’, and mi seh ‘Theresa, mi nuh wah yuh fi guh’, and she look pan mi and seh, ‘Mommy, nothing nah happen to mi, mi love yuh and mi soon come back.’ But she neva come back, Theresa neva come back,” said Reid on the brink of tears.

The teenager left home that day carrying a red handbag. It is believed that she left for downtown Kingston, where she intended to purchase a birthday gift for her older brother.

Reid said that since her disappearance, her family has been searching for her across the island.

“Mi guh every weh a look fi har. Mi guh Cockburn Pen a search fi har, ’cause people tell me seh dem see har deh. Mi guh all a Montego Bay a search fi har. Mi and har bredda dem even guh all ’bout fi see if dem a sell har body,” said Reid.

The mother contends that her daughter is a loving and hard-working child who never gave her trouble and was doing well in school. The then grade-11 student had her sights set on sitting 13 subjects in the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate examinations.

“Mi would a duh anything fi get har back, anything mi a tell yuh. A mi last, suh mi wah back mi gyal pickney. Mi know seh she neva run weh; she wouldn’t run weh, and mi want har back,” said Reid, who is hoping that Theresa will be home in time for her 18th birthday on April 27.

“March a come a guh mek two years mi nuh see har. From she gone mi caah manage. All when har birthday dem come mi nuh know wah fi duh wid mi self. Mi really nuh want har next birthday come and mi nuh see har,” Reid said.

Persons knowing the whereabouts of Theresa Smith are asked to call the Harbour View police at 876-928-6001, police 119 emergency number or the nearest police station.

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