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These Are Every Victoria Pedretti Roles, Ranked By IMDb

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Victoria Pedretti hit the ground running in her acting career with some incredible roles and her work has been praised with amazing ratings on IMDb.

Victoria Pedretti has been taking the film and television world by storm over the past few years. When drama and horror fans think of the truly captivating actors gaining popularity today, Victoria almost immediately comes to mind.

Her breakout role in the incredibly popular The Haunting Of Hill House series was an amazing start to what continues to be an illustrious career filled with spine-chilling performances. On IMDb, the hard work she does for every role has received the appropriate credit and rating.

“Katherine” In Shirley (2020) – 6.1

Shirley is a quasi-biography about horror and mystery writer Shirley Jackson whose writing process is thrown off when a newlywed couple comes to stay with her and her literary critic husband. It stars Elizabeth Moss in the titular role.

Although Victoria’s role in the film isn’t a large one, she brings vivacious energy to the screen in every scene she’s in. Her being in the film is also a nod to fans of Hill House, as it’s one of many film adaptations of Shirley Jackson’s story. Katherine is a sort of temptress, appearing laughing with friends and dancing in dream sequences with intense eye contact with the main character, Rose.

“Evelyn Porter” In Amazing Stories (2020) – 6.3

Amazing Stories is a very interesting anthology series detailing miracles and supernatural events. In Victoria’s episode, titled “The Cellar,” Sam discovers that the cellar of the old mansion he’s fixing up transports people back in time during intense storms.

In the year 1919, Sam meets Victoria’s character, Evelyn. who longs for a life where she can be herself and enjoy music, which her family disapproves of. She wants to go to the future with Sam but the two are separated, with her in the future and Sam in the past. Victoria is a timeless actor and fits into any epic and accurate period drama. She seamlessly molds to both the past and future settings and gives an amazing performance as a wide-eyed and passionate music lover

“Heist Girl 1” In Star-Crossed: The Film (2021) – 6.5

There is truly no role too small or too odd for Victoria and she brings her fiery energy to every set – including the set of Kacey Musgraves’ music. Like many other music artists, Kacey Musgraves turned her album into a movie, and Victoria starred in it.

She’s featured in the “simple times” segment and is a popular girl with Kacey and their friends, complete with a frosted pink metallic mini skirt and pink fuzzy crop top. As a group, they don masks and nun-chucks and rob a mall and bridal shop. It’s such a fun and different role for Victoria, and viewers can tell she really enjoyed her time filming.

“Edie” In Uncovering Eden (2014) – 7.0

Even though Victoria has booked series and film leads, she started her career with several short film roles. Uncovering Eden is a short about Edie, a 16-year-old who is bullied into shaking off her Jewish identity to fit in with her crush and his friends and is a powerful film on the topic of race relations.

The story sheds light on the cruel and sometimes overtly racist and judgmental nature of teenagers, and how being blinded by teen romance can cause people to overlook that sort of behavior. Although some of the insults are a little on-the-nose, Victoria shows off her ability to communicate complex emotions through simple facial expressions and glances. For one of her earlier projects, her star quality already shines through.

“Girl” In Sole (2014) – 7.4

In another one of her first film appearances, Victoria starred in the visualization of the poem “Sole” by Anna Rosati. Victoria is both visually represented in the short film and narrates the poem through a voiceover. Her role in Sole is much different from other films fans may know her from.

Victoria’s acting is almost primal and aggressive, as she scratches at her dirt-covered skin and crawls naked through sharp branches in the forest. This love and appreciation of poetry is reminiscent of the now popular Dickinson, which features the poetry of Emily Dickinson in many similar ways, like voice-over and abstract scenes. The short is available on Vimeo for anyone interested in seeing one of Victoria’s first moving performances.

“Dani Clayton” In The Haunting Of Bly Manor (2020) – 7.4

Victoria’s role in the second season in the Haunting anthological series was a fan-favorite. Dani Clayton is a teacher who leaves her troubled past behind to teach a pair of traumatized children at Bly Manor in England.

Dani is a beloved character and fans were rooting for her happiness throughout the series. Many viewers thought Dani’s character deserved a better ending, wanting her to be able to be happy with Jamie. Dani maintains her cheery optimism to the end, giving everything she could to prevent more tragedy.

“Lulu” In Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (2019) – 7.6

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is a reimagining of the tragic Manson family murder spree that killed Sharon Tate. The subplot of the film follows Brad Pitt’s character, Cliff, being exposed to Charles Manson’s cult following and commune.

Victoria plays Lulu, a member of the Manson family commune, though her time onscreen isn’t extensive, this role was a big deal for her. The movie had a star-studded cast including Leo DiCaprio, Margot Robbie, Brad Pitt, and Kurt Russell – just to name a few. It won two Academy Awards, an American Film Institute award, four Critics’ Choice awards, three Golden Globes, and many more.

“Love Quinn” In You (2019) – 7.7

Victoria’s most recent television role has been Joe Goldberg’s love interest on the hit Netflix series, You. Everyone’s favorite stalker finally found his perfect match in Love Quinn, a deceptively innocent chef-turned-murderer and mother of his child.

Victoria’s range really shows in Love. Not only can she be charming, but she can also be afraid, angry, and diabolical. Victoria has the unique ability to make audiences empathize with and cheer for her character, when Love is technically the biggest villain in season 3. Her ability to still be likable while murdering anyone that gives her husband a second glance is truly a gift.

“Nell Crain” In The Haunting Of Hill House (2018) – 8.6

Nell Crain is Victoria’s most well-known role and the one that kicked her acting career into overdrive. Her heartbreaking performance was a highlight of the immensely popular horror series. Adding the gut-wrenching emotional aspect to the horror genre by focusing on the kids’ inner turmoil is part of what makes the show so riveting.

Nell has one of the saddest arcs in the series and Victoria brings it to life perfectly. The intense emotions she is able to communicate add a layer of horrifying realism to her story. Viewers can practically feel Nell’s anguish and fear-induced paralysis through Victoria’s incredible performance.

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