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These Are Top 5 Most Happening Places Every BACHELOR Must Visit

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If travelling is something you’ve always wanted to do then you’ve come to the right place. For many people, travelling is a goal that gets put on a bucket list, but never actually ends up coming true. This is because the more you put it off the harder it becomes. You won’t be single forever so pack your bags and visit this list of most happening places every bachelor must visit.

1- Las Vegas – United States

There’s a reason Vegas is called Sin City. And that’s because there’s no fantasy and no desire of yours that can’t be fulfilled in Las Vegas. Between the casinos, strip clubs, dance clubs and bars the party never stops! Ask anyone who’s been there a trip to Vegas never disappointed anyone. Be it a weekend getaway or a longer stay visiting Sin City as a bachelor should definitely be a goal.

2- Bali – Indonesia
You might think Bali is the perfect honeymoon spot – and you’re not wrong. But that’s not all this magnificent location has to offer. With its relaxing spas, beautiful beaches, mouth-watering food stalls and happening nightlife Bali is a happening location any bachelor would be lucky to visit.

3- Goa – India
This destination definitely meets every bachelor’s travel requirements. Goa has everything! So whether your dream vacation involves getting a relaxing massage or gambling at a casino, having a beach party or taking the squad to a nightclub, here you can do it all. And if all that isn’t temptation enough the endless supply of booze will make this vacation one you’ll always remember.

4- Australia
One of the top vacation destinations in the world Australia checks all the boxes. This is definitely a trip for anyone wanting an adventure. Wine and dine on a private yacht or going diving with the great white sharks. Surfing, skiing, road trips and anything else your mind can conjure. Australia provides endless opportunities for adventure and is definitely a go-to destination for a group of bachelors looking to have the time of their lives.

5- Amsterdam – Netherlands
The nightlife and club scene in Amsterdam is what gives it a definite spot on this list. From the tequila shots to the hash brownies the party never stops for a bachelor in Amsterdam.