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These Are Top 9 Tried And Tested Advice On How To Make Up After A Fight

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Fighting with someone you know or having a heated argument with them is the easy part. The hard part is the “making up” part. Here are ten tried and tested ways to make up after a fight.

1. Have to Makeup S3x

Having s3x after a fight is seriously one of the best ways of making it up to your partner. Also, the makeup s3x encounters are notoriously more passionate than normal encounters.

2. Apologize To The Person

You can’t seriously have to makeup s3x with every person you fight. And it really doesn’t hurt to be the bigger person every once in a while. Apologize and try to work things out as a mature person.

3. If Apologies Are Off The Table Then Agree To Disagree

At least you’ll be on the same page then, right?

4. Take Some Time Off And Blow Some Steam

Some people get too caught up in their emotions. They need time and distance to properly work out their issues. It’s best for such folks to take a break and try to make up later.

5. Try A Peace Offering

Try sealing the deal with chocolates. Because no one hates chocolates. And if they do hate chocolates then consider kicking them out of your life. You don’t need such toxic negativity in your life.

6. Don’t Try Too Hard To Win

Because people who do that often fight dirty in an argument and that can be quite difficult to apologize for later.

7. Hug It Out!

Sometimes a hug is the best cure for all arguments. Try it. It might help you out and help you make up things quickly.

8. Somethings Are Not Worth Fighting Over

The best way to patch up things with the person you had a horrible argument with is to just not have the argument in the first place. Breath and take a step back. Some things are just not worth it.

9. It’s Alright Going To Bed Angry

Not every battle can be avoided. Sleep to fight another day my friend.

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