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These Illustrations Depicting How Hard The Life Of A Pregnant Woman Is

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The most difficult, as well as the most exciting period in any woman’s life, is pregnancy. The long 9 months of the wait before giving birth is never simple for any pregnant woman and is very far from being easy. Pregnancy is no doubt very complicated and painful. But besides the many hardships of pregnancy, there are various funny situations that come out of it too. And it’s even great when the parents-to-be have a very good sense of humour and sarcasm. Because during pregnancy, besides those pain and sufferings there are a lot of funny situations that one could make a complete movie out of it.
So here are a few illustrations depicting how hard the life of a pregnant woman is!
1. Deciding what to eat
2. The most difficult thing is to get a comfortable position while sleeping!
3. Oh! How can we forget those cravings
4. Every little thing becomes a big challenge
5. You get those confusing things from people that you do not know how to use
6. Preparing yourself for motherhood is a very important thing
7. You start panicking and change your mind every now and then
8. The emotional rush of pregnancy which easily moves any pregnant woman
9. Pregnancy makes you experience the most unexpected things
10. You get to wear your husband’s comfortable clothes as you don’t get them in the stores
11. The unwanted change in your body size
12. Receiving undesirable and intolerable attention is the worst part for a pregnant woman.
13. The stress and irritation when the moment is getting close
14. But undoubtedly the concluding contentment and pleasure of holding your baby in your hands are peerless.
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