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This Hero Dog Braved Through a Burning House to Rescue His Little Kitten Friend

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Unfortunate events surround the world the whole time and it is devastating to hear what someone copes with. But some stories can have a happy ending and some may warm our hearts, especially if they include animals and their bravery.

We constantly hear tragedies about burning houses and the consequences left behind. However, we decided to present you with a beautiful heartwarming story of two animals that found the way to escape death and leave a story worth telling.

The story took place in the city of Donetsk, Ukraine. When a fire broke out in a building, it created a massive explosion. Thick clouds of smoke were spreading around and the explosion was felt 5 kilometers away from the place.

People were in a panic and had to be evacuated. Everyone was taking their belongings and pets, but one pet stood out. One fearless dog was brave enough to run back into the flames. His owner stood there helpless, not knowing what to do, as the flames were growing bigger every second. Horrified, he wanted to go back and rescue his dog, but that wasn’t an option.

As he was standing there devastated, seeing his home being burned to the ground, he lost all his hope. At that moment, he wished to see his dog alive and well. A few moments later, he saw a glimpse of a familiar silhouette coming from the entrance of the house. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw his dog emerging and carrying a kitten in his mouth that was a family’s pet as well.

According to the owner, they were best friends. Every day they played together and stayed by each other’s side all the time. This dog cared deeply about his best friend. As the fire started to burn, his instincts ‘told’ him to save the kitten, not only himself. When the owner saw what his dog did, his heart filled with happiness in that hard time.

The kitten was too weak to break out of the house on his own. Surprisingly, his best friend was thoughtful and came to the rescue. When the news started to circulate, people who lived nearby were touched. The dog was proclaimed a hero by the locals. No other human would do such thing as this dog did. If a fire broke out, everyone will run in panic while saving everything they can in a few seconds.

Animals do not restrict their abilities to think rationally. They follow their instincts and sometimes forsake their safety to save another soul. That’s what this dog did and proved us all that they deserve our love and attention.