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This Is Who Howard Stern Thinks Should Host ‘The Bachelor’

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Bachelor Nation was reeling after Chris Harrison’s controversial departure. For many fans, him leaving the show was the end of both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. After all, Chris became such a central and unifying component of the reality show and it’s spin-offs. He was also undeniably good at his job. But his interview with Rachel Lindsay in February 2021 destroyed his career and his relationship with The Bachelor.

Following his departure, two former Bachelorette contestants, Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe stepped in to host The Bachelorette. Fans were split on their performance, and they were quickly replaced by Jesse Palmer who was not only an NFL player but also The Bachelor in Season 5.

Once again, fans were not happy with Jesse taking Chris’ position. Among the many fans unhappy about this choice is one of the most famous Bachelor Nation members, radio legend Howard Stern. The former shock jock is obsessed with all things The Bachelor as he and his wife, Beth, binge it. They were also remarried by Colton Underwood. Unlike other members of Bachelor Nation, the producers of the show actually listen to Howard’s opinions. And he has a unique solution for the show’s host problem that could make a lot of fans happy…

Howard Stern Hates Jesse Palmer Because He’s Too Hot To Be The Host

During a January 5, 2022 segment on The Howard Stern Show, the radio legend weighed into the Bachelor and Bachelorette host drama. Firstly, he claimed that he was happy that Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe had left their positions and he described them as “boring’. However, he stated that he was equally as unhappy with Jesse Palmer as the host. Funnily enough, Howard’s opinion does matter to the executives at ABC who once called him to ask who they should get to be The Bachelor. Granted, they didn’t go with his suggestion. But what they really should be calling Howard for is his opinion on who should be the host.

Howard’s biggest issue with Jesse Palmer is that he looks almost identical to the current Bachelor. In his mind, this completely contradicts the premise of the show itself.

“Does ABC not get it? They need a nebish like that guy who hosted it, Chris Harrison,” Howard said to his co-host Robin Quivers and his millions of listeners. He then stated that they should bring Chris Harrison back despite his controversy. He claimed that he doesn’t believe Chris to be racist, just “stupid”. But as the host of The Bachelor, he was perfect.

“Chris Harrison used to come out and he was such a nebish that the girls weren’t sitting there going, ‘Hey, I want to f** my way into Chris Harrison’s pants, nevermind The Bachelor’,” Howard said, claiming that that’s not the case with Jesse Palmer and his relationship to the contestants. “You want to find a guy who is not hot.”

“He shouldn’t be competing for the attention of the girls,” Robin added.

“Not only that, [Jesse Palmer] is horrible as a host,” Howard said. “He’s reading poorly.”

Who Howard Stern Thinks Should Host The Bachelor

Building on his comments about getting a less attractive guy to host The Bachelor than Jesse Palmer, Howard threw out a few names.

“Get Jon Lovitz to host the Bachelor. I love Jon Lovitz… [Or] Gilbert Gottfried would be a good host. But Jon Lovitz’s got the look. He’s got the Chris Harrison look,” Howard said. “But they got this guy who is an ex-Bachelor himself and he looks identical to [The Bachelor]. And everybody’s pissed. [ABC] is just f***ing it up.”

When Robin suggested that Howard abandon the show and watch better television, he said, “No, no. I’m loyal to that show. But we need Chris Harrison back. That’s it. I don’t care.”

Howard went on to joke, “You know what they got to do? Chris Harrison, his image is tarnished. They’re calling him [a] racist. This and that. So, he can’t be the host. So what they should do is have Chris Harrison grow a goatee and say it’s his cousin and say it’s his cousin. ‘He’s not Chris… he’s a… Briss Harrison. He’s George Harrison. He’s Kid Harrison.'”

While ABC and the creators of The Bachelor may not take Howard’s suggestion of dressing up Chris Harrison as a different person… or even bringing him back in any capacity, they should heed his advice about the type of host they get. After all, there’s no doubt that fans will eventually get their way and push Jesse Palmer out of the position, leaving it open yet again for a new replacement

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