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This Is Why ” You Need to Love Your Wife as You Want Your Daughter to Be Loved “

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Every human being should treat others as they want to be treated. It is the Golden Rule and it should be a standard way of living.

Parenting is a huge task for many people. Being a parent means you have to be a positive role model to your kids, meaning that you have to treat others as you’d want to be treated. Always have in mind that kids are like sponges- they hear and watch every move you make and later imitate you.

While growing up, children are exploring every corner. It is in their nature to learn new things, grow and find their way step by step with the help of elders. Parents are the first when it comes to role modeling, but other elders are not excluded, as children constantly watch and learn. Everything is new to them. They are like a blank paper, a perfect gift for the parents and the world. If nurtured carefully, with love and patience, they will grow up in healthy individuals, making their way through life.

Their brains are like little sponges- they soak up everything they observe and then make an opinion about it. And it is not all about their surroundings. They observe other behavior. When someone acts out, children are the first to notice it. They will feel if the person is good or bad. It is all because of their high intuition.

Imagine being a young child, getting ready for school, and you hear a fight coming from the living room. Your father is shouting offensive things to your mother, they yell at each other and there is nothing you can do about it, except feeling your stomach twisting. You don’t want to be in that chaos anymore. It hurts pretty badly. And after the storm passes, you hear your mother talking to a friend and saying amazing words about your dad. She pretends they are happy and like nothing happened between them.
At school, you learn about the Golden Rule, but your role models at home do not seem to be following it. No one wants to be treated like that, not even the strongest people. No one wants to be yelled at, not even the ones who yell. And you start to wonder why your mother is lying to her friend. In the end, it leaves you with a distorted view of a romantic relationship.

As you grow up, you become used to the harmful words thrown like an arrow to you. It becomes your way of living and facing relationship problems. You seek out for drama because it is all you know. You forget about the Golden Rule, which doesn’t exist in your life anymore.

Parents, especially dads, you are teaching your daughters good manners, because later on, she might find a lover who reflects your behavior. If you want your daughter to fall in good hands, treat your wife with respect and show your little one what a healthy relationship looks like. You have the responsibility to put her on the right path.

All you grownups were kids in the past and you’ve learned things just like your children do now. Your behavior is learned, it is programmed. Do not blame yourself for being ‘off’ sometimes, but it is in your hand to teach them a valuable lesson.

It isn’t easy being a father. Fathers must reconsider their attitude towards life before they teach their daughters what is wrong and what is right. Only then they can bring out the best in them and raise a beautiful woman who knows her values and will stick to the right relationships.