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Tips for a Sustainable Beach Trip

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Going for a beach trip is an essential part of the summer. However, going on a vacation doesn’t mean that you should forget about your eco-friendly ways. We should never forget that beaches are mainly ecosystems which should be protected and secondly a place of leisure for humans. By following our advice, you will be ready to embark on a beach trip completely sustainably.

1. Getting ready for the beach

While preparing for vacation of any kind, we are known to mindlessly buy supplies. Though you will need to bring things for your trip, you can do this while maintaining a small carbon footprint. The first thing that comes to mind when we think of the beach is swimwear. Fast fashion swimwear is more often than not made out of polyester and other plastics which are detrimental for the environment, and frankly, they are known to be pretty expendable. Our advice would be to invest into nice sustainable swimwear which will last you longer and have minor environmental impact. When it comes to other beach attire, you can find everything you need in thrift stores or if you’d like to splurge you may look into many eco-friendly brands on the market.

2. Don’t leave waste

One of the most important things when it comes to being sustainable is to be wary of the amount of trash you produce. Since we are people and some waste is inevitable, be very careful to pick it all up after yourself and ideally get it recycled afterwards. We also urge you not to bring plastic bottles with you on the trip. Plastic bottles are one of the main pollutants of our oceans. Instead, get a reusable water bottle which you can carry everywhere with you.

3. Don’t opt for beach resorts

Hotels and resorts which are built on the beach are responsible for destroying the local ecosystems. Coral reefs, native marine species and surrounding flora are being destroyed in order to appeal to tourists. If you don’t want to contribute to this problem, you should opt for a villa or an Airbnb which is a bit further from the beach. You may walk a bit longer to the beach, but you will be able to sleep soundly knowing that you are not adding to the suffering of marine life.

4. Starfish are not souvenirs

Snorkeling at the beach can be quite fun but be careful not to disturb the wildlife. Especially keep this in mind if you’re going on a trip with your kids. They may see a starfish or a shell and would like to have it as a keepsake. It is vital to teach our young ones not to destroy their surroundings. Yes, the starfish may be beautiful in their sand bucket, but it is more beautiful in its natural environment where it can reproduce and make small starfish!

5. Wear eco-friendly sunscreen

Wearing sunscreen is important since it’s our first line of defence from skin cancer and other skin conditions. Unfortunately, many store bought sunscreens aren’t very eco-friendly. They are known to contain oxybenzone and octinoxate which are connected to coral bleaching. Luckily for us, there are many brands of mineral sunscreen which work the same way as regular SPF but without the detriment to the environment. 

6. Collect your cigarette butts

If you’re a smoker, it would be the best idea for both you and the environment to stop smoking. Although we know it’s not easy to quit cold turkey, you can at least collect the cigarette butts after your day at the beach. The butts are made of plastic and are sadly the most collected waste on beach cleanups! So, if you’re not ready to stop smoking just yet, you can at minimum leave no waste after yourself.

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