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Twitter developing tool for users to get out of conversations

3 months ago 53

Twitter appears to be working on a feature that would let users "nope" out of conversations with ease.

Given the general awfulness of people online and Twitter's general reputation as a toxic "hell site," this sounds like a great feature.

Uncovered by leaker Jane Manchun Wong, Twitter's in-development feature includes a prompt to get users out of conversations. According to an image of the prompt shared by Wong, the feature will untag users, stop future mentions from that conversation, and stop notifications. Further, Twitter won't notify other participants if you leave.

The feature looks and sounds like a more aggressive mute option. Plus, the ability to silently drop out of a Twitter conversation and prevent yourself from being added back in seems like a way to stir up chaos among participants who suddenly won't be able to tag you and won't know why.

Of course, the feature could also have unintended consequences and perhaps could become another way to troll people online. Only time will tell with this one.

It's not clear yet when Twitter will officially roll out this feature, or if it even will. Considering it's still in development, we could be weeks or months away from deployment.

Source: Jane Manchun Wong (Twitter) Via: Android Police