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What Does iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo Means and How to Fix it?

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This post will explain iphone stuck on apple logo. The most aggravating part of using an iPhone is when you want to start it, however iPhone stuck on Apple logo. It can take place to your iPhone and iPad anytime, particularly after a system upgrade, repair of the iPhone from a previous upgrade, and even phoning. This can make you desperate & frustrated to repair it, however turning it on once again does not fix the problem either. Are you facing this annoying problem now? Because it is a very typical issue, so every iPhone user ought to know how to repair it.

What Does iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo Means and How to Fix it?

In this article, you can know about iphone stuck on apple logo here are the details below;

When it takes place to anyone they think-.

– Why is my phone stuck on the Apple logo?
– Why does my iPhone reveal the Apple logo but will not switch on?
– What do I do if my iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo?
So the very first concern is how and why the iPhone stuck on the restart screen. Several factors can lead to the iPhone getting stuck on the apple logo issue. In this article, we will take a more detailed look at not just the reasons however likewise the services to this issue.

Cause for iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo.

However the iPhone stuck on Apple logo is a regular and typical issue, that does not indicate it happens without any reason. Some technical concerns trigger issues like iPhone boot loop, iPhone stuck on bring back screen, iPhone black screen of sleep, iPhone error 4013, iPhone mistake 6009, and iPhone stuck on apple logo. Let’s have a better take a look at these reasons the iPhone will not switch on stuck on Apple logo. Also check best photo printing app.

1. Often when you are upgrading your system to let’s state iOS 14/ 13/ 12/ 11.4, you may face this issue. The design can be a bad connection between your phone and pc if you are utilizing iTunes. If you are utilizing OTA for an upgrade, then a bad network can suddenly cause this problem.
2. Another very typical reason is Jailbreaking. If jailbreaking is not done perfectly, then your phone may not be able to carry out a great deal of tasks and get stuck on the Apple logo also. This makes your phone susceptible to malware attacks. Likewise, avoid downloading apps from unknown sources.
3. If your phone is not getting sufficient power, then you can face this mistake. Sometimes in an older phone, the battery port is not charging it effectively. The battery port can malfunction, or you got your battery replaced, or if you dropped your phone just recently, all of these factors could cause your phone to get stuck. However you can repair these problems yourself. Also check iPhone Restore.

How to solve the iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo?

This issue is usually software-related. Rebooting or bring back solves it most of the time. Following the pointers can assist you to fix your iPhone stuck on Apple logo problem:.

1. Force Restart Your Phone.

The first thing you can attempt is, force restart your mobile. To do that, you need to understand how to do it effectively. If you have iPhone 6, sixes, or older device, then press and hold the Power and Home buttons together for 10 seconds. The mistake will break, and your phone will reboot. If you have iPhone 7 and 7 plus, then click the Power button and Volume down button concurrently to break the loop.
If you are an iPhone 8 and next on version user, then you have initially rapidly to press and release the Volume Up secret. Then do the identical with the Volume Down key, and finally, press and hold the Power button till your phone restarts.

If your phone can reboot as typical by these actions and whatever is excellent as in the past, then the issue is repaired.

2. Update Your iTunes to the Newest Version.

If your phone got stuck after bring back or upgrading iOS through iTunes, then most likely, the factor is that you have an older version of iTunes installed. You require to upgrade your iTunes right away.
Windows users need to follow these actions:.

– Launch iTunes and click on the top bar.
– From the drop-down menu, choose “assistance” and then “check for updates”.
– When the process starts, follow the instructions to get the more recent variation.
Mac users need to do the following:.
– Click on the Apple menu and go to the App shop.
– Select updates to set up the current variation of iTunes.

3. Utilizing iTunes to Solve iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo Error.

You can utilize iTunes to solve the error by restoring your phone. First, you want to attach your iPhone to your pc system with a USB cable television. Next, launch iTunes and wait on it to detect your phone immediately. A popup message will be revealed asking you to either Restore or Update your system. Want to restore to break the mistake, however keep one thing in mind that you will all previous data on your phone. In case you do not view the popup, you can manually restore your phone too. Click the “Summary” Tab then “Restore iPhone”. After a little while, iTunes will replace your iPhone.

Note: This approach will clean all the information on your phone, so you ought to back up your phone information. If you do not have the current data backup and wish to keep the data, then we advise that you attempt to utilize a repair work tool provided by a third party, as described below.

4. Repair Your iPhone with Wondershare Dr.Fone iOS System Repair Tool.

The most convenient and easiest method to restore your iPhone and resolve the issue without wasting any of your file is by using Wondershare Dr.Fone. Dr.Fone is software application that supplies a complete option for both iPhone and Android phones, supporting data healing, data transfer, information backup, system repair work, screen unlock, and more. Dr.Fone– system repair tool can fix the majority of the iOS system issues faced by iDevice users, such as iPhone stuck in healing mode, white Apple logo, iPhone black screen, iTunes error 4013, error 14, iTunes error 27, iTunes error 9, and so on
1. Initially, you have to download Wondershare Dr.Fone and install it in your system.
2. Now introduce it and pick “system repair work” from the displayed options.

iphone stuck on apple logo

3. The next window will offer two options; one is the standard mode; the other is the advanced mode. If you select basic mode then you can maintain your data, but if you choose the sophisticated mode, your phone information will be erased. Therefore, we suggest you to use innovative mode first.

iphone stuck on apple logo

4. In the next popup window, you have to give the iOS variation to download its firmware.

iphone stuck on apple logo

5. For this procedure to finish, make certain the phone stays connected to the system.

iphone stuck on apple logo

6. When the firmware is downloaded, click fix now to restore your iPhone stuck on Apple logo.

iphone stuck on apple logo

7. When the repair is complete, your phone will restart to regular mode.

8. In the next popup, click done if the issue is resolved. If not, then click try again.

iphone stuck on apple logo

5. Hardware Problems.

If the iPhone stuck on Apple logo is caused by hardware issues, but not software application problems, then you ought to look for assistance from Apple Support online or by phone. Or you can go to the Apple Store to see if they can examine and diagnose the problem.
If the warranty does not cover your iPhone, you might need to pay an expensive repair charge. Also check iphone a1549.


If your iPhone shows the Apple logo stuck on the screen, it is time to go through the steps noted above to solve this issue. Following the recommendations, we provide in this article, and hope the problem can be fixed!


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