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What is the culture of hip hop? According to Amir Naseri, the famous Iranian rapper

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Hip Hop actually dates back to the early 1970s when it was invented by blacks in the Bronx neighborhood of New York City. The main reason for the emergence of hip-hop culture in the black American community of African descent who had previously been brought to the Americas for slavery was largely due to violence, oppression, and racial discrimination perpetrated by the US government at the time. . Of course, we still see examples of this violence against blacks in the United States. Hip hop is also considered a style of music and it is also called rap music. In fact, hip hop music originates from within the culture of hip hop. Hip hop or rap music was popular only in the United States until the 1980s, and then over time entered different continents, including Europe, Asia, etc., and mixed with the culture of different countries, and due to the popularity of music at that time. It also made hip hop culture popular. The first countries where hip-hop culture and music entered and became popular after the United States were the Philippines in Asia and France in Europe. The main reason for the globalization of hip hop culture in many parts of the world is that hip hop was formed from within a protest society, and since in all societies, protest is an integral part of that society and more importantly because of the existence of different elements.

It is in hip hop that technology advances and never gets old, and all of this together makes this culture global. Hip hop can also be defined as a cultural movement from which music is an integral part. Is. Rap music is a cultural and social current that has formed over time and has adapted to the technology of the world, which shows the high potential of this culture. In short, rap music expresses the aspirations and rages of a generation and has the aspect of protest, but this protest does not mean insult in hip hop; If many do not yet understand the concept of protest culture and consider any insult in this culture, whether speech or image, as protest, it is wrong.