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What You Admire In Others Or Perhaps Secretly Envy

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If You Admire Someone’s Way Of Connecting With People, Know That You Also Have That Ability. 

If You Also Admire Their Bravery And Positive Outlook On Life, Know That These Also Exist Within You.

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  • I Always Get Really Inspired When I See Someone Talking In Front Of Other People, While Looking Really Relaxed. So, I Figured That This Was A Side Of Myself That Wanted To Play Out More.

    A Part Of Me Wanted To Organize Shows So I Could Practice Speaking In Front Of Others. Now, Those Events Are A Great Examples On How Someone Could Connect.

    Think About Someone You Look Up To And Become Specific In Terms Of What You Love About Them. Then See If You Re Currently Expressing This Quality. If Not, What Can You Do To Start Expressing It More? Take Small Steps Forward To Play With Those Qualities, And You Might Discover More Extraordinary Qualities You Never Knew You Had.

    You Cant Drive Out Darkness With Darkness.

    In Today’s World We Are Constantly Exposed To Attacks, Shootings, And Other Tragedies. Its Everywhere In The Newspaper, On TV, And Social Media. We Cant Ignore It, But What We Can Do Is Decide How To Deal With It.

    Either We Can React To These Situations With The First Impulse That Comes Up, Or Choose To Consciously Respond To Them. Those Are Our Two Options. But, Here is The Thing: We Cannot React To Frustrating, Fearful, Or Stressful Situations With Frustration, Fear, And Stress And Expect A Positive Feedback.

    If We Have Learned One Thing Throughout History, Its This: War Feeds More War. Anger Triggers More Anger. Fear Leads To More Fear. We Cannot Drive Out Darkness With Darkness Only Light Can Do That.

    This Applies To All Situations, Big And Small. So, Next Time Someone Cuts You In Traffic Or Arrives Late, Try To Step Into Their Shoes. Maybe They Were In A Hurry. Maybe Their Partner Had Just Broken Up With Them. Maybe They Re Having A Really Crappy Day.

    Or Next Time You Hear About A Terrorist Attack, Send Love To Those Affected, And Love In Action By Helping In Whatever Small Way You Can. After You’ve Processed What Happened, Try To Even Send Healing Energy To The Person Who Did It. Who Knows What This Person Has Gone Through, Or What Their Mental State Is Like? Who Knows His Pain, Threats, And Beliefs About This World?

    Hate, Anger, And Resentment Only Create Separation Between Us And Others. They Don’t Lead To A Better World, They Lead To More Pain, For All Of Us.

    What We All Need Right Now Isn’t Greater Separation, Its Greater Connection. So Focus On Giving Light Where There is Darkness

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