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White Couple “Adopts 5 Black Foster Kids So They Won’t Be Separated”.

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White Couple Adopts 5 Black Foster Kids So They Won’t Be Separated

When a white Cincinnati couple decided to adopt five Black children who are also siblings to save them from being split, it brought many people to tears. They didn’t want the kids to be separated as they grew up.
Siblings who are placed in foster care face the possibility of being separated, and some may never find a home or family to adopt them.

When a white Cincinnati couple, William and Julie Rom, decided to adopt five Black children, William, Truth, Marianna, Keyora, and KJ, their anxieties were allayed.


William and Julie Rom became parents to five children on July 27, 2017 at the Hamilton County Probate Court: William, Truth, Marianna, Keyora, and KJ.

William and Julie, who do not have biological children but have been foster parents for ten years, opted to adopt five siblings they had fostered between 2014 and 2016.

The children, who were all born to the same mother, were placed in foster care because their circumstances were deemed unsuitable for their age.


William, the children’s new father, revealed in court that he had always wanted to be a parent and have sons with whom he could play sports.

Julie, his wife, changed careers to be closer to the kids and spend more time with them. To better accommodate the children, the couple also upgraded from a three-bedroom apartment to a larger five-bedroom home.
Because they’d fostered the children for years, William declared that they were already a part of their family, and that adopting them was merely a formality.

Julie stated that she and her husband William had decided that any children that came into their family would never be uprooted. She stated, ”

“God has truly blessed us by improving our vehicles and providing us with shelter.”

Because the young children had already suffered so much, the couple understood it was critical to keep the children together.

Judge Ralph Winkler, who presided over the case, congratulated them for adopting all five children at once. He pointed out that separating the children would have been sad and irresponsible, and that William and Julie were also assisting the foster system. According to Judge Winkler:

“You’re not only assisting the community as a whole by adopting five children, but you’re also assisting the system by encouraging others to do the same and demonstrating that it can be done. It’s not out of the question.”

Ann Boyle, a former teacher of the two eldest sons, was also present during the hearing. She was happy to have been present when the decision was made, and she tried to keep tears from streaming down her face as she thanked the new parents.

The youngsters were overjoyed by the decision, and they were all smiling as they realized they would be able to spend the rest of their lives together. But that isn’t the only heartwarming adoption story out there.
In 2018, two brothers who had been placed in separate foster homes were given the surprise of their lives when they were adopted by the same family. Because they already lived in separate houses, the brothers feared being separated for the rest of their lives.

They got to visit each other on a monthly basis at times, just to be separated again. All of that changed, however, when a single father met the brothers and was immediately pulled to them.

Dr. Robert Beck, a kind man, ended up adopting them. The two brothers were caught off guard since they assumed they were in court for picture ops, but it turned out they were there for their adoption hearing.
Not only did the brothers get to live together, but they also acquired an extra sibling. Their story is equally as moving as William and Julie’s, and we hope that such incidents will continue to occur.