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Why MiraQle is Focused on Fans, Not Ads

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In one sentence, what was the founding principle of MiraQle?

Fans should get to control their own music listening experiences. We want to transform the traditional entertainment market into a engaging playground for global music fans so they can enjoy a transparent, decentralized entertainment experience.

What sets you apart from other businesses in the music industry?

We build platforms that are centered around and focused on music fans. We want to create an abundance of pathways through which they can share their favorite music and play an active role in choosing the songs and albums that get produced. We also prioritize earning fans’ trust through being transparent about the technologies we use to bring them this fan experience.

What upcoming projects most excite you?

We’re launching our FanPick platform very soon, which will allow fans to select artists to make their dream collaborations or albums into reality. We’re really excited about that. We’re also very excited about a new deal we’ve just made with isMedia. Together, we’re going to produce amazing NFT products for fans.

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