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Why The Big Bang Theory’s Fourth Season Is Its Best

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The Big Bang Theory aired for 12 seasons and 279 episodes, a long and substantial run for one of the most popular sitcoms of the 2010s. Like many sitcoms, the first few seasons of The Big Bang Theory take the time to establish who the characters are and set up characters arcs and running gags for future seasons. The show started hitting its stride around Season 3 since it was the first season to introduce the characters of Amy and Bernadette to the story. However, Season 4 was the first season to have the two as full cast members, and this decision is one of the main reasons why Season 4 is arguably the best season of The Big Bang Theory.

Sheldon and Amy’s blossoming relationship was one of the major focuses of the early episodes, and watching the normally antisocial Sheldon finally spend time with a female that he truly relates to was the best character progression Sheldon had in the first few seasons of The Big Bang Theory. And while Howard and Bernadette’s relationship isn’t as memorable, Bernadette’s inclusion in the cast rounded out a core group of female characters that the show desperately needed.

What makes both of these relationships great are how they are juxtaposed against Penny and Leonard, who had broken up in the previous season. While the two are great together, Leonard and Penny’s best story moments happen when they’re broken up. Their story gets even better with Leonard’s relationship with Raj’s sister Priya, leading to a back-and-forth between Leonard and Penny where the two dance around their feelings for each other.

The best episode that uses the blossoming relationships between the main characters to their fullest is “The Love Car Displacement.” When the entire cast comes together for a science conference, it ends with Howard and Bernadette fighting over Howard’s jealousy of Bernadette’s ex-boyfriend, Leonard confronting a drunk Raj over ruining him potentially getting back together with Penny and Sheldon trying to keep everything together. It’s one of the best sequences The Big Bang Theory has ever had because it effectively uses every cast member and uses the tension between them to deliver some great laughs.

There are several other episodes from this season that are great, with two that particularly stand out. The season premiere, “The Robotic Manipulation,” is the first true showcase of Sheldon and Amy’s hilarious dynamics with Penny after she accompanies them on a date, but also features a very funny situation where Howard gets caught in a compromising position with a robotic arm. The second is “The Agreement Dissection,” where Leonard and Priya’s relationship is put to good use to greatly annoy Sheldon by challenging his controlling ways. The episode is made even better when Sheldon goes out dancing with the women to vent his frustrations, ends up kissing Amy and uses her advice to fight back against Leonard.

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