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Why the Sopranos Movie Is Called The Many Saints of Newark

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Many years in the making, The Many Saints of Newark finally tells the story of how a young Tony Soprano came to be the premiere mob boss of New Jersey and how his formative years were influenced by a certain family member. That relative is Dickie Moltisanti, who has only been mentioned in almost apocryphal tones.

The name may seem confusing to some, who might wonder why “A Sopranos Story” is merely a marketing subtitle and not the true title. But The the The Many Saints of Newark not only reflects one of the film’s central characters but also much of the symbolism in the movie. Here’s a closer look at why the long-awaited Sopranos prequel is called what it is.

The Many Saints Of Newark’s Central Figures

One of the main characters in the movie is Dickie Moltisanti. Though the character himself may not be very familiar with fans of the show, the last name should be. He’s the father of Christopher Moltisanti, Tony’s Hollywood-minded nephew/cousin in the TV series who was played by Michael Imperioli. His father Richard, or Dickie, was only mentioned in the TV show and never shown due to having died before the series’ events, with even Christopher barely remembering him.

Despite this minute role, Tony Soprano was portrayed as being heavily informed by his upbringing with his older uncle Dickie, who made him into the man he would become. Thus, finally seeing this mafia education makes the story incredibly important to the series’ narrative. Dickie’s own importance makes the movie just as much of a Moltisanti movie as it is a Soprano movie, and it also helps to explain the title. Moltisanti translates from Italian into English as “many saints,” making the movie’s name’s meaning pretty obvious. There is, however, another reason for the interesting designation.

The Many Saints Of Newark’s Symbolism

Another reason for the movie’s name stems from the symbolism shown throughout its runtime. The Sopranos was filled with symbolism and hidden meanings, making it a well-crafted character study that was far more than a mere mafia TV show. The Many Saints of Newark appears to be no different, having a host of Easter eggs and hidden elements that only the most watchful of eyes will notice.

One of these elements, as discussed by director Alan Taylor, is the fact that many characters at shown at some point in the movie as having halos surrounding their head in some form. This makes them “saints” of sorts, reflecting how Catholicism also impacts the narrative of The Sopranos. The movie also deals with the rise of Black organized crime in New Jersey, with the most prominent African-American gang being the Black Saints. This further solidifies that there are truly many saints in the story beyond just Dickie, adding a layer of extra meaning to what is sure to be one of the most talked-about movies of 2021.

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