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Without Knowing It’s Terrifying Effects, Millions Of Women Wear Lipstick Daily

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Half of the women love wearing lipstick daily it’s like they cannot step out without wearing it, not only this they keep reapplying it every single time especially after finishing their meals. At the time of buying lipstick, women make sure that the colour is one they love rather than buying the one with a good brand name. But ignoring these things can result in the terrifying effects on your health, leading to cancer.

A large number of lipsticks contain a majority of toxic substances. Finding metals in lipstick is no big deal but the problem is about the amount composed in these metals. The presence of some toxic metals like lead, chromium, copper, and cadmium now overreaches the prescribed amount which can eventually lead to deterioration of the health.

Lead and copper cause reaction with enzymes in the stomach, chromium causes gastric cancer, which breaks the chain of digestive process in the stomach. Additionally, lipsticks composed of toxic metal particularly manga also lead to nerve disorder which is no doubt a great danger to life. This is why applying lipstick is ultimately a threat to your life.

Apart from the harsh truth that lipsticks is composed of the high content of poisonous metals, cheap hand-made lipsticks also pose a potential threat. With eye-catching advertisements, attractive packages, low quality and inexpensive, a large number of women purchase the hand-made lipsticks and confides in the sellers despite the fact that it possesses terrifying effects on their health.

The makers of these handmade lipsticks represent it to be the most natural and harmless. They advertise it confessing it to be made up of vitamin D and coconut oil and all the natural products. The makers of the product interpret it to be harmless. The cost would range from 100 INR to 1000 INR or more based upon the composition and packaging designs.

The prestigious institutions or organizations of hygiene and health do not conduct any inquiry on the product regarding its safety for the users and driven away by the advertisements consumers just purchase it.

There are times when these handmade lipsticks become stagnant when not used for a long time. These lipsticks are basically of the low standard because they lack preservative materials but rather has fat substances, colour-additive, and catalysts.

A large number of women apply hand-made lipsticks eventually getting allergic leading to black or rubbed lip skin.