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You Need to Love Your Wife as You Want Your Daughter to Be Loved

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Being human can be a simple matter if people follow certain rules. The golden rule or golden standard that everyone should live by is: “Treat others the way you want us to be treated.”

To this golden rule, parenting adds another level, which gives the impression that every child acquires his or her parents, so he/she refers to them as “sponges and watch every parent’s movement.”

The Power of Potential

Children by nature act as researchers. Finding their way in the world through the guidance of seniors from their midst, their life’s work is simple to learn and grow,. They find role models mainly in their parents, from whom children always look and learn. Children are a blank sheet of paper and present a gift of new life to their parents and at the same time a potential gift to the whole world. They become a gift to the world, but they must adhere to and nurture the logical guidelines that resonate with their parents.

In addition, children are natural observers, who have the ability to absorb everything that happens around them. They accept not only what they see, but also what they feel. Kids are very intuitive and know when something feels wrong and it confuses them. No one can recognize this faster than a child when a person tries to move away from the environment in which they live, their parents and loved ones.

Very often, children witness disagreements between their parents. Hearing how their father tells their mother horrible and disparaging things, they are really confused. They are witnesses of yelling at their mother, from which chaos their stomach can hurt, and they are not really aware of why all this is happening. It always makes you awful.

Although children learn about the golden rule at school or from their parents, what matters most to them is their parents’ relationship, which, unfortunately, is sometimes completely different from what was expected. This raises a lot of questions for children, such as: Who would yell? Does their father want to be treated that way? Why doesn’t their mom yell? And many others to which they have no real answer. At worst, this becomes their reality, their daily program, and their model of what a romantic relationship should look like.

So they grow up in circumstances where a woman suffers derogatory, abusive statements. It’s something the girls in that family endure and actually expect to experience in their marriage because that’s what they know. They become aware that the golden rule applies in some cases, but not here, not to them.

Break the cycle of rudeness
A father is a person who, whether or not he wants to teach his daughter what an acceptable adult relationship is. If her father wants to be treated with love and respect in her marriage, he must show her what it looks like.

The way people are treated is learned behavior and it becomes their own adult program. There are many young people who experience chaos in their home because of their parents’ quarrel and do not know why.

It is not the fault but the responsibility of the fathers to educate their children

The duty of the father is enormous because, if done properly, he must first deal with his own children. This is the true way how parents give the world a gift. That beautiful gift will be – a woman with an intuitive understanding of a healthy relationship and how fantastic she will feel to be in one.