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You reveal the secret struggle behind Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti in the special scene of Season 3

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The NETFLIX drama You recently released the long-awaited third season. Actors Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti reveal the secret battle behind the sultry sex scene.

One of the most watched shows on the streaming service, Psychological Thriller follows the eerie return of serial killer Joe Goldberg and his strange obsession with the women he meets.


Your Season 3 continues to captivate fansCredit: Netflix
Joe and Lovequin-Playing Goldberg, the couple became a suburban family surrounded by a white picket of perfect posters after welcoming their beautiful baby son, Henry-anyway, you think ..

The actors have played couples throughout Season 2, but the new shooting experience poses many challenges, especially the sex scene.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Victoria found that shooting intimate scenes with each other was initially difficult from a safety standpoint.

“It wasn’t a show like’no one kisses, it’s okay’, so it took me months to find a safe way to do it,” she told Entertainment Weekly.

“It felt strange that we were supposed to be married, but physically intimate at a very early stage, so they started a relationship in opposition to each other and navigated the annoyance of being new parents. I was very lucky to gate. “

Fortunately, Victoria said she and Penn began to feel more comfortable over time.

“It’s weird. We have an intimate relationship. We played as a couple before, but we didn’t come back shortly after the pandemic,” Victoria continued.

Penn agreed and added: “That’s really true. I really felt all the implications.”

Showrunner Sera Gamble also revealed that he was “really lucky” to be able to do the show the way they wanted.

“There were important rewriters trying to negotiate these scenes that needed a lot of people throughout the season,” Badgley added.

The show will be back in Season 4. Enthusiastic fans desperately want to know what will happen to Joe after the twist.

Serra added that Joe had a “hole in his heart” and fans had to wait for something to fix it while exploring his “luggage.”

She made fun of her. “The story from here is how he would be if we could say that [that loss] How to go back or find something else. “

You can stream it on Netflix.


But stars Victoria Pedretti and Penn Badgley have revealed that it’s difficult to shoot sex scenes.


Covid’s pandemic meant that shooting sex scenes required a lot of extra workCredit: Splash

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